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I'm falling apart help

Sorry this is long but I will give u the shorter verson

I too have this problem I black out I have had aura and have unusual spells of talking rubbish it makes sence to me but everyone else doesn't understand what I am saying.

Also had just one attack where I felt odd went dizzy lightheaded lost vision movement and speach.... I could shout for help but I could hear I had small rigety movements like jerking but that was the only time it happened.

Every blackout I have had I feel odd walk drunk get lightheaded loose vision speach and movement then after I come back around quickly and I'm fine.

Other symptoms drinking over 3 liters of fluids unless I get a bug then it reaches 6 - 8 litres of fluid a day the toilets is my best friend.

Also quezy stomach feel sick and vomit half of the time, shaky inside and shaky hand in spells, if I'm cold I'm bone chilled and shake with shivers, if I'm hot my skin is clamy and I swelter , migraine have been reduced .... Only because of mess but I still have a permanant headache that feels like pressure pushing on my head with sharp pains and throbbing on top of that palpatations irregular heart beat too fast and asthma I have confusion, disorientation blured vision on and off pins and needles in hands and feet and I wake up with no arms.... Can't feel them completely dead.

At the same time I keep getting trapped never in my back on the right hand side of spine. I already have a damaged coxic.
Oh and pains in ribs 3 or 4 years ago they said I have chostochondritis my ribs still stick out.
And I only have one kidney

I can't have beteablockers as it triggers an asthma attack which it did on wi 3 of taking them.

I seen a cardiologist had two visits other than a Hilton monitor did nothing he released me to a neurologist which I see tomorrow

my doctor thinks the blackouts are Syncopy and he also thinks I'm having seizures as one one of my attacks I couldn't write property couldn't hold the pen my head bowed forwards and left I had aura and few hours after it happened I looked at my notes ... It looked like a baby had written it.

My partner doesn't understand I've no one to talk to and I've been off work now for five weeks doctors orders ... Oh and they have told me no driving

I'm falling apart....... Help

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Sorry I forgot to add I forget a lot if things I can have a conversation I seam. Ok few hours later they ask me a question about our conversation I don't even remember speaking with them.....
I get brain fog and brain fuzz I after can get the right words out they get mixed up. And my legs are that heavy its like having lead weights strapped to them I have so many things going on I'm still surw I have missed something I just don't know what.

My last readings taken off cardiologist was
pr 156
Qrsd 82
Qt 352
Qtc 447

p 81
Qrsd 76
T 57
What do these mean?
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Got it I'm always tired weak and have no energy with a dry mouth thirsty straight after a drink or seven lol
I've got to laugh other wise id cry
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Glad you are going to a neurologist as it sounds like a type of seizure, in addition to migraines. There could also be some nerve damage. The large fluid intake may have to do with your blood sugar being off. I would get that checked too. They should probably get an MRI or CT scan of the brain too to see if there is any abnormalities. Let us know how your appointment goes.
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Thanks sometimes find it hard to function but with two kids u have no choice
its nice to know I'm going to see the right person
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Ok seen a neurologist an he thinks its stress possibly none epileptic seizures i am to see a phycologist and have two eeg one at the hospital and a 3 or 4 day one at home.
Bp when sitting 70- 66 standing 118- 70 ???? He said the sitting is a bit to low......
I could believe agitation but not stress I don't feel stressed or feel anxious I will do as many test as he the doctor wants to rule them out and he was concerned about my list of symptoms.
He also said no driving at all and I'm gona be off work for sometime.........
I'm not sure he is looking at this right but will play the game and see where it leads.
I do want a lot more tests done though but hay one step at a time.
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So he said it is a seizure but not epileptic?  There are different types of seizures. I have a migraine variant which was hard to diagnose back in the 80's. I finally went to a neuorlogist and they thought it was migraine related but didn't know for sure. They did an EEG and it was positive for migraine/seizure pattern. I was getting the shakes followed by throwing up all night and abdominal pain and no headache at the time. I went to a psychiatrist and he agreed it was a migraine variant.  That the nerves get more active at night. I now have migraines and auras. So, I think your doctor is on the right track. Don't be worried if you have to see a psyciatrist as they are good at looking at the bigger picture (root of problem) probably  because they give you much more time. They really saved my life. I think you will get a lot of info from the EEG's. It checks the brain wave pattern unlike a MRI/CT scan where it looks for structural problems. It is very helpful. Well stress/and anxiety will trigger seizures and migraines. Even flashes of light from a movie or video game can do it. Yes you can't drive until you get your symptoms under control with the right meds. But first they have to confirm a diagnosis. Please do write me after you get the results. Feel free to message me as I am interested in seeing how you do and if they figure this out. I take Klonopin and Imitrex plus now an antihistamine to sleep plus it lowers the number of auras or migraines. Migraines and seizures are similar in the way they are triggered. For me MSG and sulfer dioxide (in dried fruit) and red wine will trigger mine in addition to stress, anxiety, flashing lights etc.
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did u ever get a tilt table test done to see if u have vasalvagal i was passing out alot my blood pressure was always low and when thet did the test it showed that i had that talk to ure dr about it that could make u passed out or even make u confused cause ure pressure is low and ure not getting enough blood to ure brain let me no how u r doing and what the dr thinks about that test
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