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Is this an illness?

I have been experiencing mild nausea, flashes of dizziness, constant headaches, and fatigue/exhaustion for the past couple of days, and today I had diarrhea. I am in my early teens, and have been diagnosed with mild anxiety and depression, if that is an indicator of anything. I have been getting very little sleep lately (lots of homework, midterms very soon).

Is this just lack of sleep and depression mixing together? Or am I actually sick? What should I do about it? More sleep is out of the question if I don't want to fail half of my classes.
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could be a mixture ofboth to be honest lack of sleep makes me feel dizzy and nausea ,anxiety can cause ibs where you have diarrhea and other issues .
if you have not had much sleep then you will feel tiered and it can make other symtoms too also anxiety and depression can make you feel exhausted .
if you dont get enough sleep then your immune system is weak and can cause you to catch something the best thing you can do is get a really good nights rest and see how you feel after it but if your concerned then go to doctors but i do think its just a mixture of them all together and you have stress of work too which will put more exhaustion onto your body are you eating right and getting enough fluids because when you have diarrhea you need to make sure you dont get dehydrated aswell which can also cause nausea and exhaustion .hope you feel well soon
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depression can cause those. with feeling down it either makes you wanna eat more or most likely eat less which causes you to get dizzy and fatigue from lack of nutrition. the headaches, caffeine withdraw. have you taken an exedrin for it ?
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