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Is this anxiety, or a brain tumor?

Ok, now for the last few months I was getting loads of symptoms. Including:

Numbness on one side of my head (sometimes both sides, and on occasions, my entire head and face)
Sometimes tingling or crawling sensations in my head
Some dizziness
Feeling of panic and hyperactivity (like i have to be constantly moving around whilst I panic)
Pressure in one side of my head, sometimes both
twitching in right eye, sometimes other body parts also
Numbness across my chest
I found myself always clutching my jaw and grinding my teeth on one side

During the episodes I had, I could experience ANY of these symptoms, and I ALWAYS assumed that I was going to die. Now this was a few months ago. Since then, I have visited a neurologist, who has said that I am suffering from anxiety attacks. Since the appointment with the neurologist, I now only suffer occasionally from the following:

Numbness across my chest
Twitching in right eye and sometimes other parts too
VERY rarely pressure or numbness in my head
VERY rarely the feeling of panic or hyperactivity.
sharp pains in my head, which can be in random areas of my head (these are VERY rare)

My neurologist told me that If there was a brain problem, then the numbness would only be on one side (which it isn't, sometimes it goes across my chest, and can vary between which side of my head it effects also) She taught me some relaxation techniques such as medical hypnosis, breathing techniques and general health tips.

Could my symptoms well be anxiety, seen as I seem to ONLY suffer them in public places, when I'm frustrated or when I'm bored. And the minute i take my mind off them, they go away, and also considering that since the appointment, I seem to have gotten much better.

Or could there be a brain tumor/problem?
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Hey! i suffer from bad anxiety, and i too have had most of the symptoms you've described. From the looks of it, it is anxiety. Have you gone to see your primary doctor? I was put on zoloft for mine and took it for 5 months and was much better, barely had any symptoms. Your anxiety can be from a chemical imbalance in your brain. Your primary can diagnose you also and give you medicine to help. Hope this helps you out!
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hi :) well i have a panic disorder and some of the symtoms you have been having i have too, by no means am i saying you have a panic disorder but i do think it is linked onto anxiety, anxiety is very powerful and can make you think something else more severe is going on but no worries its most likely just anxiety i would go to the doctors and get a cheak up be sure to tell them whats been going on,i am on panic medications and for the most part they work good. :)  hope this helped. :)
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hey! i have anxiety and i suffer from just about every symtom you do! and i evan think i have a brain tumour (evan tho ive had tests!) the numbness is sooo scary and i find it very hard to deal with! =)
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Oh wow, here i was thinking i was alone! my head has so much pressure some times and the tingling and for the first time today i experinced the crawling underneath my skin (could be thanks to my first dose of Cymbalta :S ) but i though OMG IT CANT BE IN MY HEAD IT MUST BE A BRAIN TUMOR! but no its not. Also another bad thing to do is realy sights about other disorders that your problems could be, VERY bad for the anxiety x
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I have suffered from anxiety since I was 16 and I am now 36.
I think I am a pretty, intelligent and exciting women but for some reason I get anxiety. I have suffered from all of the symptoms you mentioned and MUCH more. I have taken Paxil on and off for years and find it helps me. Side effects aren't great when you begin taking it but it goes away and you can live a relatively calmer life. It is like a roller coaster at times, but try to stay in control of your thoughts. I don't like to take medications so I take the most minimal dose and I do other things to help relax. Yoga, eat healthy, avoid coffee and chocolate etc, walk and push yourself because you need to own the anxiety, don't let it own you! Good luck! You're not alone!
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how bout if im experiencing some tingling on the left side of my face, it feels likes its droopier than my right side but when i look in the mirror its fine. and how about if i get tingly feelings on both sides of my head, and i feel like my legs are week and my eyes feel tired and its like i have to strain them. could this be a brain tumor or does it sound more like anxiety???
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I've been having many of theses symptoms even feeling wash out for a minute like im going to passout or like my heart just stopped for a minute then all of a sudden i look around like wow glad im still alive. My brain will hurt for most of the time when im thinking so i have to constantly be busy to not think about it, (walk, constatly talking to someone, pretty much anything just to not think to myself unless its happy thoughts to not feel the pain). also been noticing my left pupil has been slighty larger than the right if not double the size in certain lighting. weaker on one side of the body and lumps on the back of my neck thats also greating the pain in my head. very moody but have been better about controlling it and just alot of confusing life thoughts running through my head. Trying to get checked out asap.   Thanks all of u for not making me feel alone
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