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Migraine for 7 days straight getting worse everyday

I am a 23 year old woman, who has had migraines in the past, but they have only lasted a few hours at most. I also suffer from tear duct infection regularly, about once every month or two. Usually when I am suffering from these infections I will develop a headache. One week ago today I had one of these tear duct infections and developed a migraine, I figured it would go away with the infection, as usual. But the infection cleared 2 days later and the migraine persisted. It has been getting worse every day since, my symptoms are: pain around my left eye, pressure and pain in the left side of my head only, ears popping and pain in left ear, neck hurting, sometimes jaw tightness, sensitivity to light and noise, when I move my head it hurts more, especially when leaning down, standing up, sitting down, bending over, nausea at times, making it so i cannot sleep, it is making it hard to think. When I take medicine it will go away temporarily, but always comes back, and always on the left side of my head. I have never experienced a migraine like this in my life, and I don't know what to do.
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My son suffers from migraines also. He was prescribed a beta blocker which has helped.
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Hi sarah, best advice is to seek some real good medical treatment, its your best way out.
Good Luck
If not have a look on earthclinic, you may find a herbal way out for some releif.
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I know it has been a while since your post, but if you are still suffering, I wanted to encourage you to see your doctor. You could have meningitis.  You could also have worsening migraines, which would justify a trip to a neurologist. There are some good treatments for migraines out there.
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Hi Sara I suffer from migraines since my 16 , I do have a neurologist and probably have tried every medicine on the market. I take Topamax daily 100mg which seems to help a little, and Relpax If having a migraine. I also notice that my migraines start around my cycle and with certain foods so a diet for people with migraines is definitely needed I think.  What also helps me was a good pillow I've ordered online from healthyback.com, for me avoiding stress, enough sleep helped as well. And if I could catch the beginning of my migraine on time Starbucks coffee. My migraines are more hormonal I recently found out I was pregnant for 8 weeks and noticed my migraines stopped. My migraines started again last week the same time I found out that I miscarriage. Your migraines seem very intense I would strongly suggest to see a neurologist. All the best.
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