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More strange symptoms?

This symptom has been happening on and off this past year. It is not often, just every so often, but when it happens it drives me crazy. Along with the other issues I have been having lately, two days ago I woke up sore on my left side of my body, later I began having a pain inside my ear that felt as if someone was stabbing me over and over again with an ice pick. It would happen for a few seconds to minutes, then stop, then happen a few minutes later, then stop. This happened all day long. I was wondering is it an ear infection what is this, but later that night before going to bed it finally went away, and then the next morning I woke up and it was still gone. That next day I started having shock like pains in my side off and on for half the day, along with frequent trips to the restroom. Today I am just have stiff muscles. I did not do anything to make these muscles stiff. These weird issues that keep happening are freaking me out a little, especially the numbing sensations I get in my hands, feet, and sometimes on my scalp. Most of these issues I just work around, but the stabbing pain in the ear was something I could not ignore, the pain was so severe, it made it impossible for me to do function while it happened. I would be so grateful to anyone who can give me some kind of answers.
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    Thank you so much for your response. I do not think it is wax built up, because it is not constant it comes and goes. I can go days without it bothering me, even weeks, and then it happens again. It feels almost like I am having a spasm in my ear, but the pain is so severe that it stops me from whatever I am doing. It will pulse anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, and then stop for a few minutes, and then come back again (almost like labor pains, not the intensity but how they come and go). Usually it only happens for one day, and then will go away for a few days to a few weeks. It has happened probably 3 times in the past few months. I do have a lot of neck pain, so I do not know if that is causing it, or if it is caused from my TMD. I wear a night guard at night but I still grind on the night guard, so I did not know if this could be causing ear pain as well.

      I do have bad allergies, that I take medicine for year round. I do not seem to be congested but when I am I will definitely try your Olbas oil treatment. My mother use to boil water for me in a pot at night when I could not breath as a child, and it worked wonders, I cannot imagine how much better it would have been if we would have used the oil.

      I am unable to make a doctors appointment as of right now, due to my husband switching jobs, but It makes me feel better to know it is nothing serious. I doubt it is an ear infection since it is not everyday. Thank you again for your response, you have no idea how much you have helped. I have been getting so frustrated lately with strange things happening to me. Today I was having numbness, and intense pins and needles in my middle toes, and in the center of my foot. I can walk so I just pushed through it, and it eventually went away midday. Hopefully soon I will be able to make an appointment so I can really find out the issue but I am relieved to know it is not a serious issue. Thank you again.
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Sounds like you have some virus, and with the stabbing ear, this could be an ear infection or congestion in the Eustachian tube.  

A doctor's appointment would have been in order with pain in the ear.  
The doctor would have examined the ear to see if there was an infection and prescribed antibacterial ear drops.  Sometimes a build up of wax can press on the ear canal, especially if you have been poking about.

  To relieve any congestion that may be the cause of the pressure in your ear, do steam inhalations.  Boil up a kettleful of water and pour this into a bowl taking care not to get scalded.  Put some Vick or Olbas oil into the water, or any menthol drops.  Bend your head over the bowl of steam and cover your head and the bowl with a towel.  Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this for a duration of 10 minutes and try to this this 4 times a day if you can.

Make an urgent  doctor's appointment to check the cause of ear pain.
The doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication if this is required and will also be able to see if there is a build up of wax that needs removing.
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