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Permanent Nerve Damage? *PLEASEHELP*

I am a 20 year old female who constantly gets UTI's. (Yes, I am in college but I do not sleep around contrary to popular belief about girls in college) I follow all the regular protocol like peeing after intercourse, cranberries, AZO, etc. I recently felt like I had a UTI for over a month and went to three different doctors including a gyno and they all said it was nothing. I ended up with a severe kidney infection and went to a urologist to confirm..

About 4 months before this,  I began dating a new guy, and it was about 2 months ago, this one occasion he was rubbing my clitoris too hard. I told him to not do it so hard but he didn't quite understand what I meant and it was dry, it was very uncomfortable and once I reached orgasm I had intense pain and had to push him off so he would stop and I went to the bathroom. It was then that I noticed this pain would not go away. Since that day, I have continued to have this horrible feeling like a giant rock has been punted into my clitoris all the time.

It sometimes gets so uncomfortable that it goes numb for a few minutes and those are the only times I have any relief but it always comes back within a few minutes. It also sometimes makes me feel as though I have to pee but the urologist I saw from the kidney infection attributed this symptom to a lingering effect from the kidney infection pain. I then had a couple CT's and one with contrast dye and a cystoscopy to try and rule out all possibilities of something urinary being that I have this longstanding history with UTI's, but I don't know where to go from here. They did discover that my left kidney has two ureters instead of one, but they conjoin at the bladder again and I have no bladder problems or kidney stones, so they ruled out the urinary issue and suggested I go see a GYN again.

I don't know if I should go back to my GYN again or who I should go to, since the last time I went there she was wholly unhelpful and misdiagnosed the UTI that turned into a kidney infection. I want this pain to go away, and I am really afraid it is permanent clitoral damage. When it is at its worst, it makes my legs feel really warm. It's the most frustrating sensation I have ever encountered and the fact that I cannot do anything to make it disappear is terrifying. Please help. I know this is not much of a question, but I am driving myself insane trying to get it to go away and continuously failing. (I have also withheld from intercourse at all during this time period that I have been having this pain as I fear that intercourse may worsen the symptoms) PLEASE if anyone has any advice, what other specialist to go to, what to do, anyone with similar experiences, I need guidance and I need help. I am only 20 years old and this is incredibly scary for me. Thank you for your time.
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Fomentation with ice; Can it help to reduce pain?Clitoris goes deep into vagina.So some part of vagina may be affected. you may explore this idea. It may help.
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you should go to your gynaecologist for some diagnosis..
but in the meantime try to ease the discomfort by taking antibiotics
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Go back to your gynecologist or see your regular physician. This sounds serious, but then again it could be just a minor cut...although I don't think something minor would cause these kinds of symptoms, especially for this long of a time.

See your gynecologist again or go to your regular physician where s/he will probably direct you to someone who specializes in things like nerve damage. Definitely do something about the kidney infection. Are you getting treated for it? If not, start getting treated for it immediately.
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