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Recurrent upper, mid and right abdominal pain

I'm a mid forty years old female and have been suffering from severe, recurrent upper mid abdominal pain for approximately four months.  This is in addition to the recurring pain under my right rib cage that was previously diagnosed as and treated as sphincter of oddi dysfunction (treatment was successful for two years until pain recurred approximately nine months ago) which began after my gallbladder was removed .  I have nausea and a lack of appetite, fatigue, a general feeling of being unwell and have lost forty lbs.  I do not drink alcohol or smoke.  Bloodwork shows no elevation of amylase and lipase but does show elevated liver enzymes.  Ultrasound, ct scan and x rays were normal.  Approximately two weeks ago I developed new pain on right side area of waist around my back.  I have had several hospitalizations due to pain and dehydration and continue to be prescribed dilaudid which I do not like to take until pain is unbearable. My quality of life has become very poor. Doctors suspected Pancreatitis but will not diagnose or treat as such due to lab and imaging results.  I am waiting on a referral to a specialist at this time. Does anyone have any insight, suggestions or questions I should have ready for the specialist?
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Have u been tested for Hepatitis C?
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The right side area of waist around your back is likely to be your kidney.

Observe your urine to see if there is any cloudiness, a dark colour (this can also be from dehydration), sometimes there may be visible blood and also smell the urine.  A very strong urine can also indicate a urinary infection.

I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible and take a morning mid stream sample of your urine so that the doctor can check this out to see if you now have a urinary tract infection.

It is very important for you to drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  Try and drink at least 2 litres (4 pints) during the day.  The colour of your urine should look a light straw colour.  Because you have been dehydrated in the past, this may have caused the urinary problem with a possibility of kidney stones.

Hope you get on OK.  
Best wishes.

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