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Have been feeling unwell over past 8 weeks. Fatigue is interfering in day to day, more pronounced in afternoon & evening. Muscle weakness, difficulty walking, climbing stairs, mostly left side body. Strange painful electrical sensations throughout body 24-7, travel to different parts of body. Extreme itching, with no rashes. Numbness & tingling in arms & legs, mostly left side of body. Clumsiness, dropping things many times in day. Dizziness & vertigo. Shaky feeling through body (told my husband feels like I have Mexican jumping beans in body). Headaches, more pronounced when waking, but lasts throughout day, nausea. Random Spasm-like pain top of eyes, down side of face, lasting for seconds. Blurry vision in left eye, feels like there's film over eye that I can't clear with blinking. Bladder problems, increased urgency in urination, up 5-10 times night. Family doc has referred me to neurology, eye specialist and physiatrist for nerve tests. Really concerned that neurology will take 5-6 months to wait, even with my doc requesting urgent visit. Blood work came back ok, no signs of vitamin deficiencies. Only ALT elevated, as well as C-reactive protein (yes something inflammatory is happening). MRI of head & cervical didn't show anything specific. Some DDD in cervical (I have already DDD in lumbar spine), sinus inflammatory changes (thx to allergies & hay fever), minimal scattered foci of non-specific supratentorial white matter signal abnormality. My big concern that it is severely interfering with day to day life, I am becoming emotional and teary and have missed couple days of work due to fatigue and pain. Seems unbeatable to think that I will need to wait many more months for neurology, and limbo.  Wondering if anyone could suggest alternatives or thoughts on what this could be.
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Looking into Lyme disease and co-infections as a possibility is a good idea. Lyme disease is very overlooked, and it can cause many of the symptoms you have. I suggest you post in the Lyme Disease section on this board. There are many helpful people there!

I always tell people who have undiagnosed symptoms to always look into Lyme disease. It goes over looked way too often.
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Have you had a blood test to check your Vitamin B12?

I'd also check Vitamin D and magnesium.

If your B12 is under 500, with your symptoms, sounds like you'd need B12 injections
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I would have you vitamin levels checked, this could be due to a mineral deficiency or a B vitamin deficiency. Also, try a good chiropractor, he/she may be able to help as some of these issues could be caused by pinched nerves and misplaced vertebrae.
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