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Sharp pain in upper abdomen..

Hello! Today I’ve been experiencing a stabbing-like pain, only occasionally and usually instant, in my upper left abdomen about an inch or so down from my rib cage. This pain seems like it goes straight through me or around my side sometimes and too my back when it happens. I’ve felt somewhat of a dull ache in this spot for a while but just today, it’s started turning into stabbing like sensations. Any idea what this could be? If it persists any more I’ll see a doctor tomorrow, I’m thinking maybe an Ulcer because I have acid reflux and take antacid daily. But it’s not a burning pain.. so I don’t know. Or possibly a kidney stone? It does burn very slightly when I pee, sometimes it doesnt.. I had blood work done that checked out my kidneys and liver, those were okay.
I don’t believe it’s anything to do with my heart or lungs as I’ve had a chest X-ray recently due to a chronic cough that doctors believe is because of acid reflux. The X-rays were clear. I’ve also had blood work done for my heart and they were normal.

My only accompanying symptoms (since the dull ache started) are it seems like food goes through me quickly, I also sometimes see undigested foods such as spinach or lettuce, watermelon and seeds/cashews. I’ve never noticed this kind of thing before.

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Sounds like gastritis (inflamed stomach lining). My mother had severe GERD/LPR/painful gastritis. When I read low stomach acid is the main reason for acid reflux conditions, I took her off acid blocker nexium and started her on betaine HCL with pepsin to increase stomach acid and digestive enzymes to improve digestion as well. It was by accident actually that we found out betaine HCL with pepsin supplements and digestive enzyme supplements got rid of gastritis pain as well GERD/LPR.

Pepsin is a protease (enzyme that digests protein) but also the digestive enzyme supplement contains proteases as well. This is the key ingredient to heal gastritis pain.

Excerpt from Enzyme Stuff...

"there are lots of clinical studies which clearly show that taking proteases significantly speeds up healing of ulcers, gastritis, and wounded tissue."

Excerpt from Gallbladder Attack - Stomach Acid...

"Too much stomach acid? Really? I mean, how is it that millions of people on PPIs are making too much HCl? Hyperchlorhydria or too much stomach acid is rather rare. If you're overeating, eating junk food or other food that is hard to digest, eating when stressed, living under stress, chances are much greater that you don't make enough hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes and your symptoms stem from that. Take a look at some of the symptoms caused by low stomach acid.

Signs of Deficient Stomach Acid

Gas, bloating and burping shortly after a meal could be lack of HCl
Feeling of fullness or food not digesting
Heartburn and/or gastric reflux (sometimes too much HCl but most often not enough)
Bad breath
Foul smelling stools
Loose stools in the early morning
Food allergies
Dialated blood vessles on the cheeks and nose - Rosacea
Pernicious anemia or iron deficiency
Anal Itching
Nausea especially after taking vitamins and minerals
Weak or cracked nails
Parasites - or at least increased susceptibility to parasitic infections
Chronic yeast infections
Acne in adults - especially if you have other symptoms from the list
Since low levels of stomach acid results in poor absorption of nutrients, many symptoms that accompany a deficiency of that vitamin or mineral makes this list much longer. The nutrients most affected are calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin K and many B vitamins. See pernicious anemia."
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Hello~I hope you are feeling better now, if not, I hope you have seen your GP about this issue.

You could have an ulcer, IBS,or gastritis, all of which need the attention of your GP.

I hope you are doing better. Red_Star wrote an excellent answer.
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