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Spacing out a lot and other problems

When I was around 7 or 8 I started having funny feelings in my head, and would have them multiple times a day. Then I would get a really strong feeling in my head and see random images as if I was watching tv. After I would throw up and have confusion, like I didn't know who I was or where I was. I thought it might have been petit mal seizures and went to the doctors, they said I was fine and they would go away. It did eventually go away and that was 2 years ago (when I was 17), but now I'm having really bad migraines and nausea from the migraines since the seizures went away. I also started having memory problems, like I dont remeber what I said right after I said it, I've been throwing things like cups and mugs away, I've almost let the dogs out the front door thinking they wanted to go outside, I've poured water on the floor instead of in the sink and then threw away the cup, I drop things on the floor then stare at it like I don't know what to do, and the newest thing I've noticed was not being able to read correctly. I look at a sentence and read it the first time and then I reread it and it's a different sentence. And words are starting to look different to me like I'm relying on spell check now so I spell right. I'm I becoming dyslexic or something? I dont want to go to the doctor cause of how easily they brushed off my seizures acting like I was fine. I want to know if this is because of the seizures and if they damaged my brain and if this is just gonna get worse.
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First of all your doctors didn't think you were having seizures.  It sounds to me like you were having migraines the whole time.  I was a migraine sufferer at your age.  They started when I was 13.  They only happened a couple times a year, but they were awful when they did, but even after a doctor told me in my 20's to learn meditation and it pretty much made them go away I still sometimes get the blurred vision and the feeling of vascular constriction followed by opening up that cause migraines and I don't feel very well.  So you don't actually have any diagnosis that said you ever had a seizure.  That doesn't mean you didn't have them, but migraines are a bit like seizures in a way.  What you need to do is see a neurologist who specializes in migraine treatment and diagnosis and who can also make sure something else isn't going on.  You say you don't want to go to the doctor because they brushed off your seizures without considering that the doctor might well have been right and you weren't having seizures.  You also might have just seen your general practitioner who frankly isn't qualified to diagnose migraines from tension headaches from seizures -- specialists do that.  They did that for me.  They run you through a lot of tests, including testing you for blood sugar problems, irregularities in your brain waves, etc.  So what you want is a referral to a specialist who can properly diagnose you.  But you are getting migraines and what you describe sound like you were getting migraines before as well.  But I can only tell you what that feels like, not what's actually going on with you.  We all go through this, doctors aren't magical beings, they are often arrogant and lazy and hurried and wrong so you keep after them until you find one who seems to want to do the best to get it as right as medicine can be done.  Peace.
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