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Spinal MRI - Need to know what it means


I have some questions in regard to a spinal MRI with and without contrast.
This will be rather lengthy so get a cup of coffee!  I hope someone understands what all this means.  I have not have my follow up with my Neurologist yet, it will be several more weeks.  They did call and requested that I take 2 Tramodols every four hours.  I have not been complaining about my pain.  I have just been sucking it up.  I guess they did not like that.  They did not explain anything however.  Here is the list.

Cervical Spine:
Negative for acute bone marrow edema.  The heights of the cervical verebral bodies are quite well maintained.  The disc heights are intact. Negative for syrinx. The cervical cord is unremarkable. Negative for Arnold Chiari Malformation. There is no abnormal enhancement with contrast material.

At C1-C2, the relationships are well maintained. At C2-C3 there is no signifcant compromise. At C-3-C4, there is minimal right exit foraminal narrowing, more markedon the left. At C6-C7, there is mild left exit formaminal narrowing. At C-7-T1, there is mild left exit foraminal narrowing.

1. At C3-C4, There is minimal right exit foraminal narrowing.
2. At C5-C6, there is mild bi-lateral exit foraminal narrowing, more marked on the left.
3. At C-6-C7, There is minimal left exit foraminal narrowing
4. At C7-T1, There is mild left exit foraminal narrowing.
Negative for disc herniation at any level studied. Negative for significant disc/osteophyte complex.

Lumbar Spine:

The vertabral body heights and marrow signal are within normal limits.

At L1-2, L3-4 and L5, the disc heights are maintained. There is normal disc hydration. Mild facet joint and ligamentum flavum hypertropy is noted at the L3-4 and L4-L5 levels without significant lateral recess or formaminal narrowing. No nerve root impingement is evident.

At L5-S1, there is preservation of the disc height, but diffuse disc desiccation. There is broad-based posterior disc bulging without evidence of focal disc herniation or central spinal stenosis. Minimal facet joint and ligamentum flavom hypertropy are noted without significant lateral recess or forminal narrowing. No nerve root impingement is seen. Incidental note of a Tarlov cyst at the S2 level on the left. The marrow signal within the sacrum is unremarkable. The visualized portions of the S1 joints appear normal.

1. Mild degenerative disc disease at L5-S1. No disc herniation, spinal stenosis or nerve root impingement.
2. Mild lower lumbar facet joint DJD and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy without significant lateral recess narrowing or foraminal narrowing.

The end.

okay..so why did they make such a big deal out of this. Yes, I do have pain but I thought everyone does?
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spinal MRI - they inject mildly radioactive dye into your spinal cord and then stick you face down in a tube thinggy to make sure there isnt any damage to the nerves in your spinal cord. had this done when i was 10 after chronic back pain most of my childhood so i dont remember much else about it.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The MRI shows that there is narrowing of several foramina in cervical region, this can cause compression on the spinal nerves and thus pain. Degenerative disc changes can also cause spinal nerve compression. All these problems are progressive. These can be halted to some extent by correct posture, physiotherapy and by taking some calcium supplements and Vit B complex. Hence the need to catch these problems early and go for physiotherapy.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Thank you for your response.  I appreciate knowing what it all means.  It is as I thought not such a big deal.  That is always nice to know.  Unfortunately it does not explain what all has been going on.  I was really hoping to get some answers out of this. Oh well, it is still great news...

I did want to ask you.  You mention taking a B-complex vitamin and Calcium.  My question is: I recently had a calcium test because I am Vitamin D deficent and I take 50,000 of D per week.  My D was good but my Calcium was very high.  What numbers I do not know yet.  I am still waiting for the doctor to call back.  I have only spoken to her assistant.
My question is with having a high calcium level is it okay to still take calcium?
Thank you,
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No, I just mentioned calcium because I did not know you are Vit D deficient. You need to take Vit D and not calcium.
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Thank you!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!
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