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Sweating at Night - Unexplained

Hello, I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas. I am 33 years old and for the last year and 3 months, I have been having lots of issues with sweating at night. I moved into a new apartment in January of 2020 and got a new bed and mattress and had no issues until April of 2021. Since then I have had issues with sweating at night which seems to only be where my skin is touching, for example when I say on my side and my arm is resting on my side and hanging down over my stomach, where my arm is touching my body I wake up with sweat running down my back because I'm so sweaty. In the last year, I have tried different combinations of blankets, sheets, and PJs. I have also bought a cooling mat/machine that is between the mattress and sheets. The cooling mat stays below 55 degrees under me and runs all night. I've also put a fan in my room and run air conditioning year-round at 65 degrees, and added a window air conditioner running at 60 degrees for the summer. When I fall asleep I am absolutely freezing, however every few hours when I reach deep sleep or REM, I wake up extremely sweating where my skin is touching. It is not an overall sweat it's only where my skin is touching. My physician has tested my hormones for menopause, along with my thyroid and white blood cell count and everything comes back normal. At my visit on Monday, she was at a loss as to what the issue is. This has been extremely disruptive to me since it started, but it is now starting to bother me more. Any ideas or suggestions of what this could be or what to test for I'd greatly appreciate it!
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I don’t know your age, but night sweats are a common symptom of peri-menopause or menopause.  It could also be that your blankets are too warm for the temp in your home?  
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I an 33. As stated, i have tried all kinds of different combos of blankets and pjs. I've also been tested for menopause and that isn't the case. My bedroom is a consistent 59 degrees.
I'm sorry, I accessed the post from a different screen and for some reason, missed your age, etc.
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Are you saying you wake up feeling hot, or are you just sweating? In other words, you don't feel hot?
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I'm waking up just sweating. I feel comfortable overall.
I assume you have read this link?
Yes I have seen that.
Mayo Clinic also has an article about it, and there are others. Have you checked the causes they name with your doctor and been tested for them?
Yes I have been tested for the things that article refers to.
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