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Undiagnosed neurological illness

I'm a 31 year old female, I was always fit and healthy and never anxious up until a trip to Egypt 3 years ago. Whilst I was there I suddenly became very ill with symptoms of overheating, pressure in head, dizziness, nausea and general weakness, I felt like I had a huge brain tumour and that I was just going to drop dead any second. I had had a night of drinking far too much which I suffered with an all day long hang over the next day and had had my head down a very dirty toilet most of that night but then I was ok again for a couple of days before these symptoms started. I stupidly didn't see A doctor until I got back to the uk 3 days later I had just been laid up in the hotel room, I did go straight to a&e on arrival back to uk though where they done some blood tests etc but couldn't find anything wrong and just sent me home although I still felt like I was dying, it took a couple of months of being really unwell and hardly being able to move about but I finally started to feel like I was getting better then bam it came back just as bad as the first time, pressure in head feeling faint and dizzy, achy and just unwell, I had been in a little airplane a couple of hours before. I went back to a&e, more bloods, urine test but again couldn't find anything wrong and sent me home. I then found out I was pregnant but spent the first couple of months of my pregnancy in bed hardly able to get up because of this same illness, I eventually got an MRI of my head which was clear. Slowly I started to feel better again, still with constant pressure feeling in head most days but able to get on with my life, had my baby girl all ok and was doing ok for the last couple of years but then in February this year it came back again out of nowhere, worse this time and I am still suffering now. I have had ct scan of head and neck, chest X-ray, ecg, heart monitoring, bloods, I'm under neurology who just say migraine or don't know. My symptoms now are:
Pressure in head mainly at front behind nose and eyes, constant dizziness
Feeling faint
Stiffness and pain in neck
Small hunch like lump appeared at bottom of neck
Everything seems extra bright
Clenching teeth and upper tooth ache
I have had one tooth pulled out already due to this
Anxiety now
Feeling of fear and doom as it keeps coming back
Racing heartbeat
Feeling of overheating
Can't wear shoes as my feet feel like they are getting. Too hot and spreads through my body.
Blurry vision
A almost constant burning pain in the left back of my head
Weakness in whole body
Almost constant numbness and tingling in left arm
I can't hardly leave my house due to feeling ill and I have a 2 year old little girl to think about, I'm at my wits end and just wondered if anyone can think of anything this might be, could it be something that would only be picked up by test done in an Egyptian hospital. I know this is a long post and I haven't even given all the details really but I'm desperate to get better now and no tests here are showing up anything
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It sounds like you've really tried to address any physical medical issues with all the tests you have had at hospitals, however, have you considered speaking to a psychiatrist?
Did anything traumatic happen to you the night you drank too much when all of this began? Maybe even something you don't remember consciously due to a blackout since you were so intoxicated?

A lot of your symptoms sound very similar to extreme and/or prolonged anxiety or panic attacks. I have a panic disorder and get a lot of those symptoms - the dizziness, sudden heat and sweating, racing heartbeat, clenching teeth, pain and tightness and aching, weakness and tingling. I even started to develop a tremor similar to palsy in my neck. I also have a lot of digestive problems and IBS. It's all related to my anxiety and I got to the point where I couldn't work or function normally. So I found, and have been going once a week to a group that specializes in treating PTSD symptoms through cognitive behavioural therapy using mindfulness techniques, and while it's still early on, I'm already noticing improvement of certain symptoms such as the sweating and dizziness.

I'm not a doctor and can't say for sure that what you're experiencing isn't some odd physical anomaly that just hasn't been diagnosed properly, which it very well might be! And maybe you should seek some out some kind of really good neurological specialist, but the way you describe your symptoms sounds a lot like what I experience with my panic disorder, PTSD, and general anxiety.
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Have you tried consulting an Infectious Disease/Tropcial Disease Specialist since this started while vacationing in Egypt?

Have you had a Spinal Tap/Lumbar puncture done?

Any fevers or weight loss?
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Get checked for a condition called May-Thurner Syndrome. I have it and can tell you it's almost definetely what you have.
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