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Undiagnosed stomach - non stop pain for 6 months

Started with itching and brown flat spots on penile head. Itching was mostly in groin but also on legs and arms. I had a dull pain in lower abdomen and testicles.

Pain was there everyday until 2 months later when the gnawing burning pain in chest became so unbearable I went to the ER. By this time the itching had mostly subsided.

Fast forward to now, about 6 months later; the itching has returned but more mild than it was at the beginning of all of this. The brown spots on penile head are still visible but more faint than whe they first appeared. The stomach pain is there all day everyday but fluctuates from mild to mild-medium. I now have developed back pain. Sometimes lower but mostly mid-upper back. Like the pain right below my chest bone radiates directly back. I have bloating and gas almost everyday. My stools are loose with mucus.

I have lost a total of 15 lbs.

I have had an unremarkable CT scan, a "clean" endoscopy with biopsy, a "clean" colonoscopy with biopsy, unremarkable stool & urine tests, & several blood tests that have pretty much all been normal. Some exceptions have been an ALT of 44ml, and a high b12 & folate. No allergies or autoimmune disorders.

Looking for direction or feedback. I can provide more information if needed. I felt this was enough to get started...

Other notes: I just turned 30 years old. In 6 months this pain has never not been around for one single minute. So far, none of my doctors (GP, 2 GI doctors, OMD, & hematologist) have been worried it could be anything "serious."
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It has likely to do with hypomethylation issues.
The hallmark characteristic of this is pooling of folate and cobalamin B12.

The main problem with hypomethylation is the inability to breakdown histamine, which accumulates in the body, causing many unwanted symptoms, but wait...it gets worse. Homocysteine levels rise, while the neurological forms of folate and cobalamin become deficient, billions of  biochemical processes become impaired to the degree of the hypomethylation, more or less- and in the end, if this does not get resolved, degenerative & chronic disorders develop.
To test for methylcobalamin B12 and methylfolate, you would need an MMA and a Homocysteine CSF test.
Most doctors don't know much about this. The causes are difficult to
verify as they're mainly genetic, but activated by stress and other triggers.

Because conventional doctors will likely keep you in limbo, should you indeed have this, I suggest a trial of methylcobalamin B12 and methylfolate, for a few months, instead of trying to convince your doctors to run the necessary tests.
There are other things you can do as well, but please research this first and then let me know.

This does not exclude the possibility of having other underlying imbalances.


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