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Unsolved chest pain that goes down arm and to jaw

Hi my gf has been suffering from chest pain that is painful. She gets these attacks where she gets bad crushing feeling in chest along with jaw and arm pain along with arm numbness. We have gone to er and have had many ekgs it always comes out that her heart is fine. She does have low iron and she’s had low potassium before. The pain has been getting worse and it’s been really affecting her she gets scared she’s gonna die. She’s tried taking meds and even still she’s in pain. She’s allergic to aspirin so she can’t take that. Can anyone give any advice she’s only 20 doesn’t smoke do drugs or drink. I really wanna help her and we are waiting to see a primary dr this month but she’s really worried. All her ekgs come out fine and she’s had a aniogram before and it was fine. I’ll also note she has a curved spine and wonder if that could cause her problems.
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Personally I have never found an EKG to be helpful-no findings just means nothing noted at the moment of testing-but it is an easy money-maker...

Does she have scoliosis/kyphosis? Has she been followed by an orthopaedist/neurosurgeon for her spine?  Seeing a specialist for followup of her spine, instead of primary care, could kickstart an investigation into her current symptoms since spinal curvature affects the chest.  

I have random zaps of chest pain/left arm pain, along with high blood pressure, cholesterol, family history, etc.  My two EKG's, one stress, were normal. The random zaps occur during my couch potato moments, but traveling/walking into a hospital for testing with all the attendant stress/exercise is anything but a couch potato moment, so it doesn't surprise me when they record nothing unusual.
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May come from neck problem.
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Many people can't get over the idea that their symptoms are caused by their fear. I can't diagnose her from here, but that is a possibility since the EKG says no problem.
Over the years, I get chest pains when I worry, but I have had a few routine EKGs which say I am fine, so whenever I get a chest pain I take a deep breath and tell myself nothing is wrong and the pain goes away - so it mat be some kind of mental issue for her perhaps coupled with sore actual chest muscles soreness  that makes it seem like dangerous pain. If she is in fear that something dire will happen then she can be tensing up and actually causing the symptom.
Continue to work with you docs, however I would do some reading about how to calm down when worried about her heart to see if that helps or gets rid of it.
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My doc said if I had a real issue that bad for a week, then I would have been dead long before the week was over, so I keep that in mind whenever a pain seems to be there.
The jaw pain can be tmj, and again it might scare her to the point it makes her tense up and her chest hurts. See a dentist for a tmj evaluation.
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