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Weird head problem that has gradually gotten worse over the past 8 months.

- Tinnitus, sounds like a loud steam kettle, mostly on the left side of my head.
- Constant feeling of fatigue/dizziness. Gets worse when exerting effort such as talking to people.
- Sometimes feels like an uncomfortable vibration going through my head radiating from the left side.
- A feeling of pressure or fullness from the left side of my head.
- Stiff left neck (cracks when I move)
- Sometimes the act of "concentrating", like during a conversation, causes me to cringe. I feel like this is due to some left inner ear muscle spasming.

More recent symptoms that may be related:
- Limbs feel weird, like I can't "recognize" them, and feel weaker to control.
- Sometimes harder to breathe
- Heart suddenly beating really fast for a few seconds (happened today)

My symptoms have periods where they're worse, and where they're more subtle.
I've seen the doctors several times for the first set of symptoms, and I still have no idea what's going on with me.
I went for an MRI 4 months ago, a lot of emphasis was put into my left inner ear for the report. I'm considering going for another one.
I'm only 19, on work term for university. My job is not stressful at all. I take frequent walks and try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I don't know what to do anymore... I can barely socialize with anyone. One time, I was eating ramen and I had to stop eating for a few minutes because my head started feeling so intense and uncomfortable. I am going to the doctors next week, and I hope it won't turn out the same like all the other visits I've had. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
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MS being Multiple sclerosis?
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Besides the ramen, the other time it felt bad was when I was eating pho (another kind of noodle). The ramen time was the worst however. I assume the heat or steam may have contributed to this.
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You need to see a neurologist to make sure you don't have MS.  This takes time to diagnose, but a neurologist is the one to see.  

It is interesting that you got it while eating ramen noodles.  Not only do they have gluten, which a lot of autoimmune conditions get worse from due to it being an inflammatory food, but I hear in general they are very bad for people.  Improving your diet with more vegetables may be beneficial.  
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sounds kind of like a bad ear infection or a circulation problem..maybe ur not getting enough blood to your brain. the problem with the ramen issue....do you ever have the same feeling when u eat pasta of any kind?
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