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What can cause burning, tingling and pressure sensation in head?

I was fine and than 4 long undiagnosed months of the craziest and changing symptoms occurred along with over 15 visits to different doctors (ENT, Dentist, Opthomologist, Neurologist, Gyno and a few trips in panic to the ER). Started as what I thought was a bad flu and sinus infection. At the same time I had bumped my head on the side of the car door frame but didn’t pass out although hit it pretty hard and I was starting to get severe hot flashes every 15 minutes. Due to how many things were going on at the same time no one can figure out which one is which now that may be causing what I have. The only thing found in blood work thus far was a drastic drop in estrogen. Than, I got the worst headache of my life and pain up
my right nostril, went to the ER did CT of brain and sinuses and nothing. For months after that I had blinding pressure headaches 24/7, pressure between my eyes, around my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, down my face (felt like 10
Elephants sitting on my head and face) facial pain (teeth sensitivity, jaw pangs, burning in nose, pain in eyes), numbness under left eye and swelling under right and blurred vision all I still have but to a lesser degree from the help of anAccupuncturist. Than, the burning sensation in my head began, felt like my head was on fire and overactive (like nervous system or sensory system?? was in overdrive, closing my eyes was a nightmare felt like brain trauma, signals going mad) gave me insomnia, short term memory problems, heart palpitations, felt like my head weighed 1000 pounds and I wouldn’t breathe, especially in the morning. I got extremely scared and not sure if I stressed so badly that I made it worse. That stopped except burning and pressure between eyes but other symptoms occurred (pain spots in head in different places, burning and tingling back of head, pressure on top of head if I sleep flat or in certain position I wake up almost blind, blurred vision for a few minutes and dizzy, visual focus is off especially in the morning or when getting up from laying down, feel cold spot sensations in body when laying down  (like cold sweat feeling) in back, chest, arms and sometimes legs and hands fall asleep. It’s like I can exaggeratedly feel every sensation in my body and any form of stress now makes it worse, tingling sides of face Went to two neurologist, did an MRI of brain and cervical spine (without contrast) and they said they see nothing. One said cervicogenic headaches and atypical facial pain (I have no pain in my neck) and currently, most facial pain is gone except nose and occasionally top teeth, the other said post traumatic “something” (exact words) when I said is it possible that it is post concussion? After all these doctors couldn’t see any problem, I’m still actively trying everything in my power to help myself feel better, googled every possible thing it could be as to what happened to me but medically it is a an undiagnosed dead end and being an extremely logical person obviously this didn’t happen from nothing. I don’t take any meds, I quit caffeine, do yoga (only way I can sleep) have gone to an osteopath and several other naturopaths. The only thing I can think of is I started vaping to quit smoking approximately two months before this happened (I quit that too but only recently) Some of my family and friends strongly believe that I could have had brain damage or similar symptoms to brain injury from the unknown chemicals in vaping. I’ll keep you posted on that since it’s too soon to tell. All this is crazy, I know but all true.. any thoughts?
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Hi Staceymel7.
The suspected (no dx) traumatic brain injury, even if it were mild, along with the
post traumatic stress, would be enough to explain most of your symptoms, when
those factors also may have led led to low estrogen and altered hormones, including  lower growth hormone.
Any brain abnormality relating to altered Growth Hormone and Pituitary function, may be too subtle to show clearly on imaging scans.
I suggest you look into getting a complete hormonal panel, asap!

I hope this helps, but please note that my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes,
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Thanks Niko but what does a complete hormonal panel consist of? My doc checked estrogen, progesterone, cortisol and not sure what else. Is there something I should specifically ask for? Thanks again
Wanted to update after being diagnosed for others who are looking for answers with these symptoms. I have subluxation complex of cervical region or c1 c2 misalignment of the neck which was triggered by hitting my head and throwing my neck in the other direction. This causes compression on the nerves including facial nerves, disrupts the central nervous system along with a slew of other health problems. Took 4 months but there it is.
Pituitary  function tests which may also include stimulation tests, specially when evaluating a GH and cortisol deficiency.

In regards to your update,  look also into  getting  a reputable chiropractor   to give you another evaluation and possible treatment.
Best wishes,
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Unfortunately the only thing that comes to mind is post concussion syndrome. That is only a guess on my part.
The vaping could be contributing to the problem, in some manner.
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