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What could be causing this crazy pain?

Hi all! I’m looking for some input regarding what could be causing the crazy pain I am experiencing. It started around Christmas with some chest discomfort. Each day the pain gets worse, progressing to the abdomen as well. The pain is mostly over my sternum (some pain in left breast as well). My upper abdomen is also in intense pain. The pain is primarily in the middle, descending down to my belly button (feels like I am being stabbed over and over). I also have a wicked belly button infection that I cannot seem to kick. Testing has included a abdominal CT, ultrasound, activity heart monitor for a short time, and a endoscope last week. The day after the endoscope (which was normal) I started experiencing quite a bit of blood in my stool. I went to the ER because of pain, dizziness, and bleeding. They gave me meds through IV to help heal any bleeding that might be in stomach. Things have not gotten any better and I’m feeling so incredibly overwhelmed. I’m only 21 and feel that doctors are starting to act like all of this is in my head. Loss of appetite and significant weight loss has also been a problem during this. I have also had a positive Ana test in the past. Any input or insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Hi, Jlyne. I also just looked at your one previous post from 2018. It's similar to this one in that there are an assortment of odd, unexplained symptoms. You also had a fairly high ANA titer of 1:320. The homogenous pattern, btw, is associated with lupus.

The advice you got back then seems solid. I don't see why your docs didn't look into lupus and other lupus-like diseases in 2018. Docs will routinely disregard a low ANA of 1:80, but yours wasn't low. Considering lupus is even more obvious now with this new assortment of mystery symptoms to add into the mix. It's not certain that you have lupus, but seeing a rheumatologist seems like the way to proceed -- rather than just pointlessly seeing a random series of doctors hoping to one day get lucky.

Lupus is known as the disease with a thousand faces because it varies so much. You don't have to have the typical butterfly rash. Lupus symptoms can come and go. It's difficult for them to diagnose. An ER is great for what it is intended for: emergencies. But it's not so great for mystery immune system conditions.

Good luck and please let me know what you find out if you see a rheumy. The next step would be to measure the components that make up the ANA number.

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We can't really answer.  Sometimes the scope can cause some damage so that might explain the bleeding, but it might not.  It sounds like it might be an ulcer, I've had a bleeding ulcer and that's what it was like, but really, your doctors are trained and we're not.  The main thing is, if you feel your docs aren't getting it done, get different docs.
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