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What is causing shooting pain in right side along with pins and needles feeling!

I am a 40 yr old male and have been having symptoms for about 12 weeks. I am experiencing shooting pain in my right leg and arm along with pins and needles feeling in my stomach, chest, face, arm and leg on the right side with the shooting pain. It appears triggered by right eye movement. I can gently press on my right eye and produce the symptoms. My right eye and neck hurt. The symptoms are constantly there

I have had a neck MRI that showed moderate forminal narrowing on the right and severe on the left between c2 and c6. No involvement in the spinal canal or spinal cord compression. I had an EMG that revealed mild carpal tunnel in my right hand. No cervical nerve damage. Where do I go next
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What doctor did the MRI?  Are they suggesting some type of intervention?  This does sound related to the areas they found that there is narrowing or nerve impingement.  At the very least, I'd try intervention in the form of physical therapy for the spine issue.  They help provide guidance for stretching and such that can help.  Are they sending you to a surgeon?  Carpel tunnel syndrome can be helped with a brace?  Have you gotten one of those?
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