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What's wrong with me?

So I've been having symptoms for months now. It all started one day where my mouth was irritating the heck out of me. I thought it was nothing so I left it alone. The next day it was still irritating me. I thought something wasn't right, but I still continued with my day and brushed my teeth. The next day it was still going on and then I really thought something was wrong. I checked online for symptoms, but all I could find is infection and abscess and I did not have an huge lump of pus in my mouth or near it. I told my mom what was happening and she told me she was gonna bring me to the dentist on the weekend. Until then she told me to use salt and water. I used salt and water day and night but it didn't seem like it was working my mouth was still feeling irritation. Throughout the weekday it felt strange because I couldn't feel it anymore. Instead I felt it in my chin. It was very weird and it felt like it was spreading. My dentist said there was no infection or abscess so I we just left out without anything to worry about. The next day it was very strange. My stomach was hurting, I was shaking, and I was unusually tired. I was also wheezing and had shortness of breath (I have asthma) but I didn't have shortness of breath and wheezing for almost a year now and now it's suddenly coming back. My mom brought me to the doctor. Unfortunately she only treated my wheezing and just gave me steroids for the rest of the problems. I used the steroids but it seemed like they were not working either I still felt sick. My wheezing was gone though. The symptoms were still going, constipation and abdominal pain. It was also causing me not to have a bowel movement and I haven't had one in 6 DAYS. I went to the bathroom and my urine was darker than usual. So then my mom brought me to the doctor again, but this time a different one. She couldn't help me because my symptoms were to advanced for her. I just want to point out that I did not have a fever this entire time. So we went back home and there was no hope. My mom eventually gave up bringing me to the doctor. Few days past I still have abdominal pain, constipation, I got a few bowel movements finally, and dark urine. I also started having unusual headaches from time to time. The headaches were happening all sometimes in the day and night. My forehead started getting unusually warm. And was getting blurry vision. I couldn't sleep at night and if I did I would wake up a few hours after I slept. Some nights I couldn't get sleep at all and one time I stayed up until 7 in the morning. I went to the doctor once again, but the first one I went too again. They gave me a urine test and they gave me a lot of water and my results were positive and my urine was light yellow. I completely forgot to mention my headaches to the doctor. She felt my stomach if anything hurt when touched and nothing hurt. We went back home and I still felt sick. There was no fever or anything. My urine was sometimes dark and light and my abdominal pain, headaches were still going on. Few days later I was in school and I felt no better. I went to the restroom to go urinate and I conveniently felt the back of my head. I felt a lump in the back. I knew it wasn't there before so I contacted my parents in panic. It was very hard and it felt like it formed on my skull. She told me she will look at it once she gets home. She just said it's a knot everybody forms knots. But I felt like it wasn't just a knot or maybe it was. Few days later. My blurry vision was so bad and me and my mom went to get glasses. My glasses helped a lot and my headaches have calmed down. I can finally get good sleep once again. The knot was still still there and i honestly think it will stay there it hasn't grown any larger or smaller. One time I got out the shower and my skin was very dry which doesn't happen when I get out the shower. I just used a bunch of lotion. The amount of times I went to the doctor my parents don't care anymore. They say I'm fine because the doctor I went too I couldn't find anything. I knew something was wrong with me but it seemed they didn't care. Another few days later I felt the same symptoms just not as bad as then. I felt a gland in my neck unusually bigger than the one on my right side. Even when I turn my head it pokes out of my neck. I showed my mom but she said that's what your glands do and it's not swollen. So I just left it as that. The next day it felt like everything just restarted. I felt the pain again but now it's in my chest and it my heart hurts from time to time. And this is where I am now. Knot still in my head, pain in chest, gland still swollen, dark urine still going one, abdominal pain. My headaches feel like they don't happen anymore and that's a good thing. Honestly I feel like I'm dying or something and my parents don't care. Wish I could bring myself to the doctor.
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If your urine is darker than it should be, you need to increase your water intake. Dehydration can cause dark urine and constipation, accompanying stomach pain and even headaches.
It sounds like you don't drink nearly enough fluids.
Swollen glands can come and go, and unless they stay that way for a period of time, generally resolve on their own. Sometimes a course of antibiotics can ease the swelling, as a bacteria or virus can remain in the swollen gland/lymph nose, especially after strep and others like it.
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I do not know what is wrong with you or whether or not you drink plenty of water; but, water is necessary for all the body's organs to function properly. Some of your symptoms go along with dehydration. Too much sugar may be a hindrance also. I hope you will learn to love water as I do.
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My urologist ran a DHEA-S blood level (I dont know why) it came back '9" VERY low in range of 38-400 what can cause this--before anyone answers-I did some research says :LUPUS-=I dont have LUPUS cancer-I dont think I have cancer-MRI of abdomen all organs clean .clean colonoscopy biopsy this year, says Osteoporosis-I dont have that, Hypothyroidimsm-I have that but myTSH and T2 are NORMAL and my T4 is SLIGHLY high--it;s not hypothyroidism. I have 6 heart stents  but NO current issues with blood pressure or chest pain--VERY concered.  I ave pre=Diabetes but Glucose levels are NORMAL (taking ACTOS) WHAT SYMPTOMS do I have---CHRONIS FATIGUE,CHRONIC PAIN in body, No rashes--NO headaches---No other significant symptoms a level of 9 ois very concernng!!!
No one is qualified to diagnose you on these forums. Did you ask your doctor why they ordered the specific test? Have you gone back for a follow up to discuss the results?
The doctor who ordered the test can tell you why they ordered it, and what the results may mean.
Looking things up on the internet can cause unnecessary worry and concern, and often lists worst case scenarios, amongst many other possibilities.
If I were you, I would see the doctor who ordered the test and ask him/her why it was ordered and what the results mean.
he never called me back or replied to my emails--that;s why I posted it-tried calling for a week. I emailed my general doctor-and he said-I have to come in for blood work to check ANA Cortisol and ACTH among afew other things--but IM NOT happy with a leevel of '9". I cant say if its better or worse than ever--I do not beleive anyone ever ran this marker on me before..
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You have something SERIOUS. I oo not know what-yo uneed to see a HEMATLOGIST for multiple blood panels and a RHUEMATOLOGIST-for tests for SARCOID, or aother auto immune--unfortunaely there are a lot of bad doctors who dont do all tests needed-- I cant tell you what you have-but I suggest diligent trips to qulaified doctors--do not SELF MEDICATE-you dont know what you have, Best of luck. Drinkin WATER will NOT solve your problem--Yes- drink water-but it WONT  FIX YOU>
We don't know what the test was ordered for, or what, IF anything it means. It is unfair to the original poster to imply something serious may be occurring when NO ONE here can possibly know that.
We appreciate all responses to other members but please think about how your post may scare someone unnecessarily.
Sh has a myriad of complex and serious symptoms--suggesting she see qualified medical personnel is NOT an unnecessary reply to her. I didnt diagnose a specific condition. i said-see a qualified doctor. Drinking WATER was the best anyone came up with here--that;s quite with all those symptoms. I thought about it.
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Dark urine typically indicates dehydration. Most doctors start with the most logical, common reasons/explanations for symptoms. Once those have been ruled in or out, they may start looking for other causes and explanations.
There isn't any need to be offended, just suggesting we be cautious about suggesting to someone they are seriously ill.  We can't know that.
I do agree he/she needs to see her doctor, in person and follow through on their recommendations for further treatment.
We all want the same thing, for each poster to get the medical care they need.
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