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Woke up Small left toe red and painful to touch

Also, history of painful fingers and toes in very cold weather (and sometimes warmer weather..even torso colder- I wear sweaters while co-workers are in T Shirts in 55-60 F weather). Sedentary lifestyle last few years.
Raynauds? Free Thyroid are all normal!

Prediabetic as well. Haven't 'crossed the line' as of recent blood work.
Taking BP & cholesterol meds.
Wondering if it's a vasospastic disorder, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy....?
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Hey 0kap1.
It's time to take charge of your health.
Sedentary lifestyle no more! Obviously it is not serving you well at all.
You need to boost your circulation, reverse your pre-diabetes, lower your cholesterol naturally (if you must) and get rid of your statins which are causing more damage,
and improve your systolic and diastolic pressures and most impotently improve your "Pulse Pressure" which matters more. Just look it up online.
Your "free thyroid"  assessment is incomplete, if you do not include Free T3, Free T4 AND Reverse T3!  
The most indicative tool for determining thyroid function is the FT3/RT3 ratio, which ideally should be above 20.
I suspect that because your body is dealing with constant biological stress-according to details in your post- along with the energy lowering effects of your anti-cholesterol meds-excessive T4 is converted to Reverse T3, causing symptoms of hypothyroidism, which  may also be responsible for temperature sensing dysregulation/ cold or hot temperature intolerance.
The other consequence is high cortisol.
Most of the above suggestions can be implemented by using lifestyle changes and natural means.
Staying on your current course, will only benefit the pharmaceuticals and the health care system, but it won't do much for your long-term health improvement.
If you need specific information and details , let me know.
My comments are not intended as replacement for medical advice.
Best wishes,
Thanks for the great info. Will get moving, get a complete thyroid workup and wean myself off of statins via diet and exercise under medical supervision. If there are any bumps on the road, I'll know who to speak with. Thanks again. 0kap1
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Are you wearing new shoes? Are you sure that nothing unusual happened before you experienced this issue?
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