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constant bloating + lots of gas and wetting myself?


In the past four months I have been bloated almost most of the time. I feel that something is stuck in my intestines. I am relatively thin (62 kg, 165cm) My bowel movements are normal though. I have also noticed, that almost each day I wake up with gas fluctuating in my intestines, it does not matter, if i cover my self well or not, if it's hot or not.
Assuming that I can live with all of that: I have wetted my self last night (and woke up with an headache, although I almost never get any for no clear reason), and also on time before (about 2 months ago). I kind of feel that my bloating hast something to do with this (causing pressure on my bladder?). I have noticed that since this bloating and gas thing started, I became kind of allergic to milk, whenever I drink it I have a very uncomfortable feeling in my brain and around my eyes, and I think I become somehow light sensitive.  This starts within 30 minutes after consuming milk and lasts for about 1 to 2 hours.

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Hello there and hopefully my suggestion might give you a little insight, we never know sometimes. I am not a Physician or work in the Medical field.  I would try to not drink milk for a couple of days. In order for you to know if this is what is causing the problem and you are allergic to dairy products, then you will know. Do you consume water on a daily basis?  There (believe it or not) are some of us that just do not like to drink water. If you aren't drinking water, you should drink some every day. Water is so important for all of our major organs to function properly. I hope I have shared a bit of basic advice for you. I hope you get better soon and do not have to endure what you are going through. If you don't eat fiber , it wouldn't hurt to buy a fiber therapy capsule over the counter. Wal-Mart has it and it costs about $5.00 -$6.00. That is like a natural wonder pill. Try to keep Milk Of Magnesia around to, because it will help you go to the restroom and you might have constipation, which would cause bloating.  
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Thank you so much for your tips. I will see what I can do. I am starting to believe that most of it is just phsycological because of stress and so :).

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