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diagnosis for 2+ month dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, UTI symptoms

This all started over 2 months ago when I was hit with a sudden bout of unexplainable fatigue. I felt 'off' for a few days but didn't think anything of it, but the general malaise turned into shakiness, lower back pain and what felt like stomach 'twitching' although I didn't really feel nauseous, and I actually had to pull over to retch on the side of the road although I never actually threw up. I continued feeling unwell and didn't eat anything for the next two days for fear of vomiting.

After those two days, I developed UTI symptoms, was tested, and confirmed to have a UTI infection. I was prescribed cefalexin. The urinary symptoms cleared quickly, but the extreme fatigue and rigors continued and I developed a constant 'brain fog'. My symptoms seemed to quickly increase and decrease in severity, with the worst of them leaving me staring vacantly into space unable to react to my surroundings. During the course of the antibiotic, I developed gastrointestinal symptoms (severe burping, stomach pain due to gas, and acid reflux), though I am not sure if these are a result of the illness or the combination of antibiotics/ibuprofen/paracetamol I was taking. After about 2 weeks in this state, I began to get better, and felt well for about 4 days.

Then, the dizziness started back up again. I had some minor urinary discomfort and went back to the doctor who didn't test my urine, but prescribed me a course of amoxicillin. This gave me thrush, so I was switched to trimethroprim. I took a 3 day course of this and was given more to take as a preventative during sexual activity (since I am prone to UTIs anyway, although I have never had them cause dizziness before). The majority of my symptoms subsided, except for the consistent spaced out/brain fog/inability to process information. I had bloodwork done which all came back normal, and doctors told me they simply didn't know, and to come back if my symptoms got worse.

I have had the dizziness for over two months now, and it is severely impacting my daily life. I barely have enough energy to get out of bed, and have to be very careful about what I eat as it might cause acid reflux or excess gas (neither of which have ever been a problem before) although I am not currently on any medications. I started feeling better a few days ago and had sexual intercourse (using trimethroprim as a preventative for UTI) but days after this, the dizziness and fatigue has come back full force, and I am feeling minor urinary discomfort again, although it feels different to a standard UTI, in addition to severe back pain that comes and goes sporadically.

Doctors still don't know whether my head symptoms are caused by the UTI as I have had an ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys and both appear to be functioning normally, but I just want my old life back. Any idea of what this could be/if everything could be connected and how to move forward would be appreciated. I keep getting told by doctors to just wait for it to go away but that doesn't seem to be happening, so any concrete ways I could suggest to move forward would be great. Thank you!
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