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feel very sick

I'm 17 years old. I have already had a kid she will be 1 march 14th but im feeling symtoms of pregnacy but i know im not pregnant. I'm feeling very dizzy, tired, headache, nausea, stomache moving, pain in my back. I don't know what to do. been to the doctor they said everything is fine.
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im getting they same thing.i have no children
i feel pregnant...my stomach is bloated im always hunger i feel sick in the morning.i get headaches.stomache moving and lots of back pain
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With all of those symptoms, I recommend a second opinion.  

Was it your ob/gyn you saw?

Did the doctor check you for urinary tract/kidney infection with your back pain and nausea?  

Did you get your ferritin, blood iron and iron saturation percentage checked with your symptoms of tiredness, headache, and dizziness to rule out iron deficiency?

With your tiredness, how about your B12 level- did they see if it is low?

And what about your thyroid function- did they check that?

Given your dizziness, what about taking your blood pressure lying down, sitting, and standing and an electrolyte check of your blood- did they have these things done?

With your nausea and stomach moving, did they check to make sure you weren't suffering from acid reflux?
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i didnt see ob/gyn but saw doctor no tract or kidney my levels of iron are good and i already take B12 supplements and tks i will check on acid reflux because ive had it before. Ill check back in with my doctor and get back to you tks
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Please do!
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You may want to get your thyroid checked with your constant hunger and also, get checked to make sure you don't have diabetes.  Have you been checked by a GI specialist?
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Ok went to doctors my iron,b12,and acid reflux is fine but i do have thyroid and diabetes tks so much for your help.
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You're welcome- I hadn't thought of diabetes in your case, though I did with hiswife35 when she mentioned the constant hunger, and I'm glad they checked for it for you!  Have they referred you to an endocrinologist for follow up on the diabetes and thyroid issue?
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yes they have got an appt. on friday of next week tks again so much.
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Blessed to be able to try to help.  Let me know how your appointment goes?  I hope you will get the treatment you need!
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Well went back to doctors yesterday because I was having a lot of pain. I found out that I am pregnant and I'm 30 weeks already but I don't even look like it. My due date is July 18th which is my fiance's birthday.
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