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My son developed a rash on his right side of torso and later in day developed on left side as the night went on spread to stomach,back, face, arms and now legs. It is painful on his torso like something is poking him. What can it be?  He is up to date on all his immunizations.
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I once had a similar rash to the one u described , I got some zyrtec medicine and it really helped .
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What does the rash look like? Is it red circle like rashes? if so possiblities could point to ring worm, I myself have dealt with a fungal infection maybe you hould try this cream called LAMISIL. before trying this cream id suggest contacting a walk in clinic or your Family Doctor.
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Go to a Doctor on this one. It really depends on what the rash looks like, a picture would be helpful, but I've had a rash that spread quickly like that and it was Eczema. It needs to be taken care of asap, I had it when I was younger, it itches horridly yet hurts when you touch it in the more extreme cases (I know this cause I've seen a skin specialist (dermatologist) and it was one of the worst cases they had seen in their 25 years). There is a steroid cream for the main body and one for the face, both of which are highly effective. The body is called Clobetastol (or something close, I don't have my creams on hand) and the face is Desonide. I had the rash for 2 weeks and it was horridly painful and eventually became infected. With a small dose of bactrim for the infection and the steroid creams I was better with in 3-4 days.
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