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spinal fluid infection andbreathing

my husband was told he had aninfection in his spinal fluids but they don't know what kind. his symptoms are fever, shaking uncontrollably, weak, and now he seems a bit confused..during a test he quit breathing. he is currently on a ventalator..he is a lung transplant recipient..his chest xrays andtest says clear lungs.why would his breathing be affected. what could the problem b? lisa.

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Imperitive to have precise cause and get on with treatment. Most common is
bacterial meningitis but could be fungus or viral.  Lab diagnosis is essnetial
quickly. Is there lung cancer? Emergency related comdition. Do not wait to see what happens. WHAT KIND,TYPE INFECTION IS IT?? NEED ANSWER
SAP. Are there spinal fluid cultures?  ?Aseptic meningitis? Be sure a
neurologist or neurosurgeon is seeing patient
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why did they say he has an infection of the nervous system did they test his spinal fluid?

did it happen all of a sudden? it could also be something viral
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If the nervous system is unable to send a clear signal to the breathing muscles, a person can have difficulty breathing or stop breathing, even if the lungs are clear.  A nervous system infection can definitely interfere with breathing signals.  I have experienced this myself, although for me it has been shortness of breath and an inability to get a satisfying breath.
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How can you tell for sure if you have a spinal infection?  I have some terrible symptoms and I feel like my nervous system and spine all the way into my head are being attacked.  
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there are blood tests for some specific viruses and bacteria, for example syphils or borrelia otherwise the direct lab test is spinal tap not sure how accurate it is.

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