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unknown paleness, palor and dark circles under eyes

Need help. After sex with partner a few years back I developed a pale face and dark circles under my eyes. I have taken many tests (Hep panel, hiv, syphilis, a bunch more) and only found to be positive only for EBV and they are treating me for CFS-infectious disease doctor - Harvard graduate. I think this is an incorrect diagnosis . I am now, after many years, transmitting these same symptoms via touch. if someone shakes my hand at a gathering, the next week they will be pale and have dark circles under their eyes.  same for restaurant waitresses and any other situation.my friend thought I had a bad case of mono, but mono doesn't act in this manner either. my thoughts are that my liver (thought it was hepatitis) or kidney cannot expel the toxicity in my body and I am transmitting the toxins via touch, but the tests on those organs come out ok. looking for any help.
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Why do you think it's an STD? No STD acts in this manner - no disease does, either. You don't transmit any viral hepatitis by just shaking hands, or by simple touch, nor do you transmit mono by a simple touch.

Could this be something psychological? I say that with no judgment, but if there were something that easy to transmit - by simple touch - we'd all be quite ill, right? That's not the case.

Your tests are all negative, except for EBV, and you are being treated for this. Have you shared your concerns with your doctor? You should do that, and let him explain how it's not possible for you to release toxins via touch. STDs don't work that way, nor do any other diseases. Let the Harvard educated doctor explain it to you. If that doesn't work, maybe it's time for some therapy.

I don't say that to be condescending. The mind can be really powerful and sometimes it's hard to overcome things we are convinced of.
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not psychological. verbal feedback has been given to me from others  of how they are physically effected.
Have you taken before and after pictures of people who have gone from normal complexions to pale face with dark circles just because you touch them? Otherwise you are just accepting someone else's feedback claim which is not very reliable.

Perhaps you can ask a few people to do photos before you shake their hand, then take their picture later to compare.
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