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Blood in semen

I was seen a few years back for blood in the semen.  My PCM gave me antibotics and it went away.  About a year ago it started again and went thru prostate testing and nothing.  Giving antibotics and it went away but then came back. I was told hermaspermia is not very common but not health threatening either.  I have been in a monogamous relationship with my wife for 7 years.  prior to that I was a typical male and did some stupid things and contracted STD's on two occassions.  They did the swab testing and and antibotics and I was good to go.  About a year ago I was having alot of pain in the kidneys and penis.  Although I was in a monogomous relationship they wanted me tested for STDs.  The "intern" used the swab inside the penis not once but twice.  The second time caused bleeding.  Ever since It is a 50/50 shot whether there will be blood mixed in my semen.  Was something damaged?  Is there tests that can be done other than a camera into the penis.  I'm a bit leary of putting anything back up in there, if you can understand my leariness.  Any help is appreciated.
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Blood in the semen is known hematospermia. It can have many causes. These include; lesions of the prostate; inflammation and/or lesions of the urethra; lesions of the seminal vesicles.

Treatment for hematospermia should be age dependent, as the condition, could portend GU malignancies (prostate cancer). A urinalysis and culture would be appropriate in determining the presence of a bacterial infection and/or blood in the urine. This would be a starting point in your treatment plan.


Ash Tewari, MD
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I too have just now experienced a bit of blood in my semen! It is quite alarming as this is my first time seeing this. I have a relationship with a woman and see her only on weekends, so sometimes Mary-Palmer has to come to the rescue and this was the occassion of which I noticed this. There was no pain associated with this experience other than the strain of the orgasm, which didn't seem painful, just pleasurable...if you understand what I mean. Is this just normal for some men reaching ages over 45?
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u have prostatitis just a regular inflammated prostate due to an std infection that was treated late.
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