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Inducing orgasm as part of exam

I was referred to a urologist for Peyronie's disease (I believe my penis has been developing a bend in it). As part of his assessment, the urologist gave me an injection (in the penis) and some pornography. He left so I could become "fully firm." Then he returned and used a vibrator to bring me to orgasm and ejaculation. He said that he needed to do this to take reference measurements to see if my condition is worsening. I have no idea what measurements he took because I was frankly overwhelmed by the experience - I could understand looking at my erection, but pressing on to orgasm was unexpected.
This seems a bit sketchy to me. Is this a legitimate thing for a urologist to do? I have another appointment in a few weeks where new measurements will be taken for comparison. And if this is not legitimate, what should I do?
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your story is not believable.

if it happened call the cops.
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This is true.  If I wanted to invent a story I would have made it more interesting.
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Your story sounds a lot like the story from another member on this site.

As a male who has suffered from ED, I know what is going to be in an examination for peyronies as well. When I can obtain an erection, Caverject injection into the penis, it bends towards the left and has a large dent in the left side.

During a follow up on my problems with ED, the urologist examined my penis by palputating the penile shaft. The reason for doing so is to detect scar tissue. Every thing is being done very professional, and an explanation is given for every thing that takes place during the consultation.

If there is any vallue to your story, then you should not question whether or not to go to a follow up appointment. In my situation, I could not even obtain an erection using Viagra or Cialis, hence the Caverject injection.
When I first consulted with the urologist regarding my problems with ED, an injection was given during the office consultation. I was asked to take of my pants and underwear and was asked to ly down on the examining table. I was then told that he was going to insert a butterfy needle into the penis. Once the medication was injected, I was told to just ly down and he would check with me after 15 minutes. I could feel an erection coming on after 10 minutes. I was checked up on twice and after the second time it was found that the erection was firm enough for penetration. I was then prescribed California tri-mix.

Even though the treatment was for sexual dysfunction, during non of the examination did anything of sexual nature take place.

I believe that you should start to write novels for gay males who might enjoy these sort of stories. While there are very few occasions where unproffessional conduct might take place, 99.9% of doctors would risk their career over something like what you have mentioned.

Good luck
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I agree, this has to be the same guy. Stories are too similar, sick.

I'm new here, do people that post nonsense get banned?
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My first appointment was similar to what you describe. The urologist examined me (while soft) to check the location of the scar tissue.  Other appointments didn't require that I get an erection at all.  
I don't have ED now, but I went to the urologist because the bend in my penis appeared suddenly and appeared to be worsening.  My condition is currently mild - my concern is that there was a rapid change, and I had no way to know where it would end if I didn't get help.  Wikipedia says some cases get better, some stay the same, and some get worse.  I just don't want to get worse.
The reason the doctor gave for inducing ejaculation was that my penis would achieve its maximum size and shape at that point.  This doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  In my case, the curve seems to be most severe when I am achieving an erection.  Once I get a complete erection, it seems to help straighten things out.
I understand that you (and "ICanHelpYouToo") are skeptical about my story.  It did happen to me and this is why I posted it to this forum.  I was actually hoping that the forum was moderated by an actual urologist who could say if there is any basis for this kind of exam.
If you read my note again you should realize that I took pains NOT to sensationalize it.
I am not gay, and perhaps if I was gay I wouldn't be as uncomfortable with this.  The fact is that I am in a vulnerable position.  I don't know what is legitimate for a doctor to do when dealing with a condition like this.  And in your own case, you found examination of the erection was appropriate.  I am uncomfortable enough having another man look at my erection, let alone the other actions that took place in my appointment.
I can appreciate your position - this is the internet and it's very difficult to gauge someone else's intentions.  Using pseudonyms doesn't bolster anyone's credibility.  But you should be able to see that if I had added any other details, my story would have appeared more lurid.  I tried to keep it to the essential facts to describe my situation.  If my objective was to write homoerotic fiction I would probably not be so brief, and include a lot more adjectives.  
Just to be clear, it is not my objective to write homoerotic fiction, or post any fiction in this forum.  I joined this forum only to pose this question so if anyone has posted a similar story it wasn't me.
If there's a urologist who crosses the line, it can be difficult for the patient to know where that line was supposed to be.  I hope there's a real urologist out there who can say if there's a legitimate basis for what I went through.  And if there isn't, what should I specifically do about it.
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I agree, if this is inappropriate conduct then it would be appropriate to call the cops.  First I think someone would have to tell the police (and me) whether there's any basis for a urologist to do this.  I don't want to go through whatever proceedings are involved (which would definitely require me to admit that a man made me ejaculate) unless I know that this doctor should (and will) be punished.  
So to that extent, your comment ("call the cops") was helpful.  I have not found your other comments and accusations helpful, which is unfortunate since your nickname is  "ICanHelpYouToo."  I can understand why you would be skeptical of my story, but it would cost you nothing to give me the benefit of the doubt.
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I'm a urologist not a psychiatrist, I can't help you.
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Your story is not even remotely possible. I too have a case of Peyronies, but since I also suffer from ED as well as other things that make intercourse difficult, I can asure you that a maximum erection can be produced by drugs like caverject. Without this drug, an erection is not possible for me.

In an incedent where I ended up with bleeding shortly after my catheter was placed I ended up going to emergency at our local hospital. The doctor who took care of me at that time was not our regular doctor. Since my catheter comes out of my body in between the penis and belly button, there was no need for this doctor to move the waist band on my underwear and touch my penis. There was no need for him to retract my foreskin.
I ended up getting off the examining table and walking up to the nursing desk to let the nurses know what had transpired. I have not seen this doctor around the hospital since.

I have had consultations with family doctors, urologists and other medical staff. Only this one doctor mad me feel very uneasy. My wife also thought that this was very strange. Unlike normal situations where the catheter is placed in the penis, both of us would have nothing about this. The fact that the catheter is located at the waist band of my shorts, did not require him to touch my penis at all, or I cannot think of any reasons why this was done.

In my treatment for ED, an erection was obtained through the medication alone. Viagra and Cialis do not work for me. After I started to become erect as a result of the injected drug, did the urologist try to manipulate my penis to determine if the erection was firm enough to facilitate intercourse. Again the urologist explained everything that he did. When he kneeled down in front of me he stated that he did this since I use a cane for ballance. He explained that he was checking on scar tissue that might have resulted from the use of the Caverject.

Yesterday while I was in for a followup appointment with a different urologist, this man did not even request for me to remove my pants and underwear. He explained everything from a model poster on the wall.

Just after my wife and I had been married for 2 years, we seemed to have problems conceiving. It was suggested that I would provide them with a semen sample o that problems with my semen could be ruled out. I was given three options. 1, go into the bathroom and masturbate untill a sample could be achieved. 2. Go home and masturbate to produce the sample and hand it in with in a 2 hour time frame. 3, Go home and use intercourse with a special condom and produce it that way. Method 2 worked for me as method 1 seemed that I was too nervous. Since I had been born with both undescended testes, I expexted them to check me out in that department. There was no need since the semen sample would rule out any problems relating to my fertility.
Everything that was done took place in a very proffessional manner.

Having been through many different issues relating to my genitals, I find your story very difficult to believe. I guess that as long as you believe it everything should be handled as criminal behaviour. Right now I have a very difficult time to determine where the activity is to be a fault, you or the urologist. I have a very difficult time believing that a urologist would have put in so much time to complete his studies, only to risk it on a story like yours.
If the problem lies with you, I sincerely hope that you will be able to receive the psychological help that you require. Having experienced that I have been through, I'm extremely disappointed that one would use this site inapropiately.

If there is any merrit to your story, then this person should be disciplined. How was the vibrator used???? Having had problems with the prostate myself, I have never heard of a doctor, urologist using a virbator to make a patient ejeculate. This is sexual abuse if ther is any vallue to your story. If it is true, then you need help as no one should allow a stranger do this to them.

God bless

Ron R
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He's full of ****, don't waste your time!
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I agree with you. This poor soul has something mentally wrong with him.
If he is looking for some sort of twisted sex chat, then he is on the wrong site here. the fact that he obviously has a lot of time on his hands does not excuse him from writing his fiction experiences with the medical system.

Sexual abuse is a crime, whether it involves children or adults. Sadly most child victims suffer in silence.

It is very unlikely that a urologist who has spent quite some time to get to the point where he or she can practice, would risk their career on something stupid like this.

The difference in my case is that I mentioned the issue at the nursing desk. Had this doctor told me to come back for a follow up, there would be no way that I would have gone back. A normal person would not put themselves in this type of situation.

I have experienced many different medical tests and situations where I was completely nude. Non of these occassions with the exeption of ths mentioned doctor have been inapropiate. When I ended up with bi-lateral pnuemonia in the beginning of january this year, I was very thankful that a male nurse took the time to give me a sponge bath, while I laid in bed not being able to do much of anything. I was on 19 liters of oxygen per hour and could not even get out of my bed to go to the bathroom. Being uncircumcised, the male nurse asked my permision before he cleaned my genitals. Not haveing been able to wash up for three days, this sponge bath was very welcome.

This particular person needs help, as it shows that he is not in his right mind to be submitting these sort of very unlikely events. If there would have been any vallue to his stories, he would have informed law enforcement by now. This person must have a really low self esteem to be doing this. I do not know if there are any psychologist on this site, but this is what he needs.

God bless,

Ron R.
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Could you please tell me what would be the proper way to assess the progress of my treatment for Peyronie's disease?
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I am not making this up.  Unfortunately I have no way to prove my side of the story, which would also be a problem approaching the police.  I would imagine that someone trying to titillate themselves from posting lurid stories would have provided much more detail on the actual events.  I tried to provide the minimum detail needed to make my position clear.    

I am glad that you have had so little trouble considering your many encounters with the medical system.  Unfortunately mine has not been the same.  It appears from both you and "ICanHelpYouToo" that I experienced inappropriate behaviour.  There are many stories in the news about people abusing their position (such as certain Catholic priests).  The desire for these stories to go away does not make them false.

I think I'll take your advice and just ask to be referred to a different urologist in the future.  
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Actually, the more I think about this and think about the other thread he started  (about the ultrasound tech doing the homosexual molestation thing in a very similar way) I have concluded the likely explaination is as follows:

This guy is, or wants to be a writer of homosexual pulp stories and is posting these threads to get feedback so he can refine the story lines. I agree he is not including all the lurid details (his words), he's  saving that for the books.

I suspect he is both trying to gauge the preceived reality of the stories as well as getting people to suggest aspects about which he has not thought.

So, no, the 2 stories of the molesting urologist and the similar story of the molesting ultrasound tech are simply rough ideas for his pulp novels.

Hope you get published, Good Buddy!
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It is his first trial run as a gay erotic story author. It is very sad that some people have to entertain them selves and others with this sort of garbage. It most definitely should not be tried out on this site.

Having been a victim of sexual asault as an 8 year old boy by a stranger, it angers me to see that some people vew this garbage as entertainment. If they actually used their tellants and time in a more productive fashion, they could actually produce something productive. When this happened to me, I did not even tell my parents as I was afraid that I had done something to cause this to take place. I did not tell anyone untill I married my wife and told her. There is no need to dwell on this as I will only continue to be filled with anger. It is in the past. I have a wonderfull wife and three children.

I will never be able to understand why some people get enjoyment out of this senseless yet harmful garbage.

I can assure this person that the majority of medical staff will be on their guard to protect themselves from people like this person with a psychological condtion. I wonder what this person does as a means of providing an income for themselves.

Being a disabled person since 2003, and having a lot of time on my hands, I don't have the time to come up with this nonsense. As the saying goes: "get a life."

Sadly there are some cases where people have suffered in silence out of shame because some thing like this actually took place. However no one in their right mind would return to have this done a second time if there was any way to avoid it from taking place a second time. Most of these people are children sadly enough.

I have had some frustrating times with neurologists dealing with my neurological condition, HNPP (hereditary neuropathy with liability of pressure palsies.) It is the genetic oposite for Charcot, Marie, Tooth, disease. the disease is named after the three neuologist that first dealty with this neuropathy. I had to fight a case with a physiatrist and several neurologists. This disease is not fully understood by most neurologist, as they only seem to accept symptoms as discribed in test books. There is a group out the internet that deals with members of the group who have this disease. Form their experiences, I'm not the onl one who has had problems with dealing with neurologists and other doctors, accusing patients of exaggerating their syptoms.
I had this one physiatrist telling my family doctor that I needed to see a psychologist as my problems according to him were not neurological at all. After having had bladder surgery and having had several urodynamics tests in 1996, it was determined that I have a neurogenic bladder. This physiatrist wrote in his notes that this could not be the case since the urologist had not given a cause for this. My diagnosis of HNPP came in 1998 after having waited about 10 months for the results of a sural nerve biopsy that showed the condition. He also did not pay any vallue to the symptoms that my family doctor had mentioned to him. Then in 1999 after having had some troubling vision problems, and having undergone an E.R.G. and fisual fields tests, it was determined that I have only about 15 degrees of central vision left. The ERG indicated Rod/Cone dystropy.
Again this physiatrist and my first neurologist stated that this was a diagnosis that they could not identify. After having had three appointments with this physiatrist and the neurologist, I ended further investigation with them as they were waisting my time. Several urologist had come up with the diagnosis of a neurogenic bladder after three urodynamics tests. Two ophthalmologist came up with the same diagnosis of Ro/Cone Dystrophy. Than there were many more symptoms and conditions that pointed to the involvement of the central nervous system, yet the neurologists claim that HNPP only involves the peripheral nervous system.

I have come up with an agreement with my family doctor, urologists, ophthalmologist, resperatory technicians and other specialists that involvement of a neurologist would only be considered in cases where there might be something that showed involvement of the central nervous system. I told them that I only  would consult with another neurologist if the central nervous system might be involved with a symptom or condition that I may have.

I have had 4 bouts of pneumonia due to aspiration of liquids or food due to swallowing problems. On January 16 I ended up with bi-lateral pneumonia when I was in for an appointment with a geneticist. He cut the appointment short when he noticed that I had a difficut time breathing. He told me to go to emergency immediately. The following day I was supposed to have a systoscopy to check on the conditon of a fistual that I have. I never made the appointment as I ended up pospitalize with bi-lateral pneumonia the same day  that I was seen by the geneticist. I remained in hospital on oxygen and neumerous IV antibiotics for the next 8 days. I could do nothing. I needed to be washed by nursing staff and I could not even go to the bathroom on my own. I was on 10 liters of oxygen an hour.

raisinbran, I hope that you now can understand that I cannot believe your story of going back to the technician for a second round. As you can see, I will not go back to a doctor or doctors who I don't trust. You must be a total nutcase to submit yourself to another dose of abuse. Even though I did not go back to the neurologist and physiatrist, these doctors did nothing that would be considered as criminal behaviour. The might have been guilty of mal practice, however I did not stick around to let it come to that. With ICanHelpYouToo as my witness I'm telling you now that I do not put any vallue to your story.
If anything, you should have enough sense to hav come to the conclusion all by yourself that if your story??? is true, you should have hiked up your pants and have put a complaint in. Even if you state that you would have no prove, the likely hood would have been that law inforcement most definitely would have taken time to infestigate your incident.

ICanHelpYouToo. Did you get my message? If so could you please give me some advice. I know that this doctor has my best interest in mind and I am almost 99% sure that he is right, I want to check out the 1% to see if there is any way that I can have the most natural procedure to the way things were prior to getting the fistula.

Thank you.


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Hmmmmm Raisinbran I think there's some truth to your story here's why:

I've had ED for the longest time and have had urologists examine me for years. I'm not really embarrassed about it anymore.

I've had a Doppler sonogram of my penis to diagnose my ED as arterial in nature. During that exam the dr injected me with caverject and when hard had to have 2 techs rub a lubed up sonorgram wand all over my erection for 40 minutes. It was all clinical and not exciting at all. Even so all that rubbing made me close to ejaculation. I had to ask the tech to stop a few times. The techs were 2 woman and being gay it was easier to resist ejaculating by accident. After that exam was over I was told my dr should get the results in a week and was told where the bathroom was if I needed it. The exam was not sexual at all but it's natural to have the urge to ejaculate with all that rubbing for so long. I wonder if it were men examining me if I would have had a harder time warding off an ejaculation or not.

Years went by and I decided to get an inflatable Penile implant. I had the surgery and went pretty well. 5 weeks after the surgery I saw the dr for a checkup of the implant. The left side was not inflating as much as the right like the saline was uneven. My urologist put on his gloves (usually he doesn't for some reason). He told me he would have to pumped it up and deflate it over and over till the cylinders were even. I lied on the table and he inflated the implant and deflated it over and over and squeezed it etc. It was all professional. But having not had sex in 5 weeks I felt the urge to ejaculate almost right away. I came awfully close to ejaculating and I started to precum a lot. The dr told me that's why he put on the gloves in case I ejaculated. He got the cylinders evened out and everything was really professional. I told the urologist I really had to hold back an ejaculation from happening he told me it was all normal cause I haven't ejaculated in over 5 weeks and that I was really sensitive. after the appointment he pointed out where the bathroom was if I needed to relieve myself. I told him I'm going straight home and would do it there.
Very normal all professional.

Rasnbran I think you did ejaculate in your appt but the urologist didn't make you. I think you got a hard on with the injection and during his prodding around your genitals you accidentally ejaculated or at least came close to ejaculating) . I think you're exaggerating a very professional situation/examination. You're probably embarrassed you ejaculated in front of a dr and that's why you're making up the vibrator part. I think you just couldn't hold your load and accidental ejaculated. Or maybe when he went out of the room you got hard and masrtubatwed a little and ejaculated by accident and the dr walked in right after and you were caught and very embarrassed and now making up this vibrator thing.

Ron R I think it's normal for a urologist at the hospital to examine your penis under the foreskin. He's checking for yeast infection that's all no big deal.

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Raisinbran, I would love for that to happen to me. I enjoy having an erection during the exam. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the doctor causing you to ejaculate; his explanation makes since, in that, our penises do get hardest with each muscle contraction while we are cuming. He said he wanted to feel your penis at its most erect firmness well, that would be the moment for him to feel your erect penis at its hardest. I would like to make an appointment with this doctor, does that sound likely? I have ED and have a difficult time reaching ejaculation so, I want to have an erection via injection and enjoy a strong hard penis, once again. all guys desire ejaculation and I would venture to guess that those who condem the doctor most strongly, are hiding the fact that they would enjoy this experience but feel the weight of social pressure telling them to hide this desire and pretend that it is wrong. Please share the doctors contact info and location. I will make a report here after my appointment and share the experience in detail. I would also like to find a similar site to this one where I can share with like minded males who also find this exciting. I wish all doctors where more like your doctor. Why shouldn’t this be fun, no one gets hurt and it is clinical and professional.
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My brothers in the profession (and the rest of the guys) have given you the right responses. I'm NOT a Urologist, but a vibrator used until you ejaculate seems very odd for Peyronie's Disease. I can easily see its use to get you firm, watch it stiffen, see if the curvature is being reduced with the treatment plan, etc.. That is the whole idea behind it anyway. (scratching head) Maybe a Urologist can weigh in. Your condition is treatable for sure, perhaps not a full recovery but enough to enjoy sexual relations again. (curious, did the Dr. you saw have an assistant in the room while he was stimulating you ? if not, that is an issue (I'll spare you the sick joke of asking you if he swallowed) Get the idea?

Good luck
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