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Possible blood clots in urine + gyno symptoms


I have been experiencing odd symptoms (for me) and I'm not sure what they all mean or if they are connected.  Started with small amount of brown discharge that turned into regular brown discharge with large blood clots (not heavy enough to need a pad though).  For a couple days, I would experience lightheadedness and almost fainted once.  I stopped physical activity to ensure I wasn't making it worse.  A few days into this, I noticed particles in my urine.  The urine is normal colored, but has dark brown/red flakes in it.  Lots of them.  I know for sure this is coming from the urine.  This happens every time I urinate - not just once in a while.  I've also had pelvic discomfort similar to a period but lower (zipper area on pants), lower back discomfort, and fatigue.  This has been going on for 5 days.  I'm on a birth control pill so at first I thought symptoms were due to irregularity taking it (missed one or two and sometimes took later than usual in the day during the last month).  Took a home pregnancy test just to make sure - it was negative.  I've recently been stressed out, but otherwise okay.  I recently had a gynecology exam and they didn't mention anything unusual.  I was starting to figure it was just a bizarre period until the urine problem started.  Now I'm not sure what to think.  No frequent urination, problems urinating, or pain urinating. No foul smells or anything.

Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.
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Hello and Welcome.

I'm sorry to hear about your SX (symptoms). Of course you are concerned - this is not normal for anyone.

I understand you don't have the usual SX of a UTI (Urinary Track Infection) but that doesn't always mean you don't have one. The low pain you are experiencing may be bladder pain and would be consistent with a UTI.
It's always best to consult your PCP - and be prepared to produce urine for a UA (Urine Analysis).

The spotting is not all that abnormal but that needs to be addressed with your PCP also.

I wish you the best.

Take Care,
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