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Very strange problems for over a year

I have a rather troubling series of events I'd like to ask about. For almost two years now I've been in an online relationship with a woman who lives almost 600 miles away. We meet in person every 4 months or so, having to date met 6 times for small vacations. During the second visit, when we shared our first intimate moment (a kiss, nothing more) I started noticing extremely painful sensations around my groinal area the second day. I shrugged it off as bad timing to get aches and pains, and continued with the vacation. The next time we saw eachother, several months later, however, the same exact thing happened. Having never felt excruciating pain in that area except around her, I brought it up. She was clueless, but I was too embarrased to mention "groinal pain" to anyone else. Our fourth and fifth visits were more of the same. Sitting/laying down was fine, but standing/walking would gradually cause unbelievable pain to the point where I could not remain standing. Finally this time around something happened that firmly convinced me I couldn't keep it hidden anymore. During ejaculation was a large, noticable streak of blood in the semen, followed by sharp, incredible pain worse than anything preceding it. Now I know something must be wrong. Does anyone have any idea what the cause of this could be? It's much appreciated.
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