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kidney stone - no ejaculation

have history of kidney stones.  normal process is back pain first, pressure and sharp pain in lower abdomen, then
passage of stone.  also usually constipates me during process.  two months ago, had usual symptoms, but never
passed stone.  then came pain in left testicle, then came no ejaculation, now has come diarrhea.  take multiple
meds and have check all meds for symptoms and also interactions.  urine has odor and is somewhat discolored.
am 65 and a veteran and have a problem discussing this with my female VA doctor (old school embarassment).
anyone have any suggestions?  many thanks in advance
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If there is a male doctor, then make an appointment to see him.

You do need to see a doctor as soon as possible.  Pain in the testicle is called orchitis, this is inflammation of the testicle that may be caused by an infection, so you will need an antibiotic to treat this.

You may also need to have your prostate checked out too.

As your urine is has an odour (offal odour can be detected with kidney problems) and the urine is discoloured.  It could be that there is blood in the urine and a urine specimen needs to be checked for any infections and medication like antibiotics to clear the infection if it shows up.

Kidney stone problems can present with high fever, pain, passing gunge and blood, having diarrhea and vomiting.  This can go on for months depending on where the stone is.  You will only experience all the severe symptoms and pain when the stone is actually moving.

When the stone is not moving, you will not know that you even have a stone.

Don't feel embarrassed about the female doctor.  You will not have anything that she has not already seen.  Make an appointment with a male doctor at the practice.  

Make an appointment as soon as possible.  Don't wait until the symptoms get any worse.  The sooner you get diagnosed and treated the better.

For the kidney stone problems, make sure that you always drink plenty of water.  2-3 litres per day is usually recommended by urologists, but you may have to drink a little more to flush the stone out.  Follow the advice of your urologist.

As you will know that once you have had stones, you will always be prone to getting them again.  If you manage to catch it when it comes out, get it analysed to see what its composition is.  You will be able to know which foods to avoid.

My stone had to be surgically removed, because it got stuck in the ureter.  I was extremely ill for months and pethodine painkillers did not help at all.

Hope you get on OK.

Best wishes.
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