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neurogenic bladder and lumbar fusions

I have been diagnosed to have nuerogenic bladder due to failed back syndrome (over 12 years ago).  I was just diagnosed to also have Cauda Equina Syndrome.  I have severe bladder retention with catheders every three weeks and major infections/blockage.  The pain in unbearable in my bladder.  My legs are numb regularily and sex is out of the question.  What do they do to fix this problem? I have blood and calcification in my urine. My stools have blood, and occassion I bleed outside the catheder. I have had every test there is through the urologist,neuologists, myelograms, etc.  How much pain can a person take?  What can they do?  My colonoscopies are clear..I have no cancer.  This is all due to a tramatic experience that started all of this.  I have had the catheder for over a year and a half now (changed at least every three weeks).  I would appreciate your input on what can be done to repair this problem...if there is one.
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I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder in 1996. Since than I had been using intermittant catheterization to ensure that the bladder is emptied on a regular basis.

As far as I know there is nothing other than self catheterization that can be done for the neurogenic bladder.

Currently I have a spurapubic catheter from problems that arose after many years of self catheterization. The urologist thinks that I have created a fistula (hole) between my prostate and rectum. With this I have bleeding from the catheter as well as rectal bleeding at times.

As far as I know there is no corrective surgery for the neurogenic bladder. I do know that at times pain can get the better of me. Due to other neurological problems and pain, I'm on Statex Morphine. I also use Buscopan for any bladder spasms. Even with that there are many nights where sleep does not come due to pain.

All the best.

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