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recent radical orchiectomy

Hello I recently had a radical orchiectomy on my right side only. It seems being away from sexual activity or something has increased my sex drive. What is a good timeline, or signs that it would be OK to have an orgasm again. I’m in no hurry, but I am curious and do not want to cause any damage to myself! Thanks
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I should think that you could resume sexual activity at any time. Remember that fascia and possibly muscle was cut in order to do your operation, so choose your position carefully in order that you not stress your lower abdominal wall. Lifting, gymnastic positions are out for the short term. Side by side, facing your partner, male behind and you beneath your partner are the most likely to be comfortable for you.
Talk to your urologist!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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I had a left orhietomy as the result of a bad recurring infection. Since the testicle was too large the size of a grapefruit, it couldd not be pushed up to the lower part of the abdomine as usual. I had it remove from the left scrotum, and I remained hospitalized for about 10 days.

At the time I was a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman. I returned to work after about 8 weeks. We wanted the skin to close as they left the insision at the scrotum and to heal from the inside out. At the first few days I performed the lghter task and about the 10 resumed my normal duties. Every person ehals different following surgery.

I would think that you should be OK after 8 weeks, just don't do to much that could hurt your recovery.

Good luck,

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