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ultrasound testicles

I went for an ultrasound and it came back clear, but I can still feel a small lump at the back of my testicle
It's right at the back near the top (about half inch lower down on the testicle) about size if grain of rice it feels hard and attached to testicle
But they could see anything on the scan at all nd said it was clear but i can still feel this rice grain sized lump stuck on my testicle
What should I do
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Thanks for posting your query.

I can understand your concern for the small lump in testicle when the ultrasound of testicle has come out clear.

Scrotal masses can be caused by several conditions in which the most common are a Varicocele, which is a varicose vein along the spermatic cord; Hydrocele, wherein a fluid collection is present in the scrotum; Spermatocele, a cyst-like mass within the scrotum that contains fluid and dead sperm cells; Hernia; Infection like Epididymitis; or Tumors. All these causes can be confirmed by an ultrasound and since you had a normal ultrasound it rules out all of them. But since you are mentioning that it is the size of a rice, it can be a small epididymal cyst which can be missed on an ultrasound.

It is a swelling containing watery liquid lying just above the testicle. It is usually benign and do not usually require treatment. Small cysts may remain undetected, better tolerated and asymptomatic and are found in middle aged men.  

Since the ultrasound has come normal, there is nothing much to be done. However you need to keep an eye on it.  If it enlarges, becomes painful or causes pressure sensation, you should consult a urologist and get a repeat ultrasound done.

If it is a cyst, only when it is causing discomfort and is enlarging in size, treatment is needed which includes sclerotherapy or surgical excision.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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I went for a second scan and they noticed a small
Pearl stone on the left side of my testicle, but he couldn't still see the one one the right side if my testicle which I can feel he said ultrasound not pick imaging it up so this is the second scan I've had now with a different radiologist should I stop worrying now that it's testicular cancer as I still feel this small lump and it does feel like the other lump on the opposite side if my testicle the pearl stone? Can you get multiple of these stones
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