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Does a Cryo affect future sex life?

Thanks in advance to whoever will answer me here!

1 year ago, I was tested HPV (type 73) positive and CIN1, then I had a cervix cryosurgery. I didn't have sex afterward. 2 months ago I did TCT test which says HPV negative and no abnormal cells.

Now I have a boyfriend and had first time sex with him last week. I didn't feel well at all and I'm not that excited. I think partly because I think his penis size is big for me, but I'm also very concerned that my cryo harmed my sexuality. I wonder any data showing if cryo would affect sexuality? and does it affect the elasticity of cervix? as I suspect it may affect me accommodate my boyfriend's penis?

thank you!
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Having cyrosurgery on your cervix should not affect your sex life.  J. Kyle Mathews,MD
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Cryotherapy or vaginal rejuvenation is like any burn to tissue, it sheds and new tissue grows back in its place. Immediately after procedure sex life affected due to discharge and possible odor but will resolve with time. The abnormal tissue is destroyed with the cryotherapy and hopefully healthy new tissues will grow back in its place. My friend had done her surgery from Dr.Ronald Levine's clinic in Toronto.

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