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Vitamin B12 and yellowing of the skin? Jaundice?

I am on Vitamin B12 as well as Vitamin D supplements after being diagnosed with low levels of the two.
However, I frequently tend to forget my Vitamin B12 medication.

Recently a couple of colleagues of mine noted my skin yellowing.

At the same time, I myself, and many others do not notice any such coloring, yet, I am afraid I have some condition that causes jaundice.

Despite that my eyes themselves are not yellow although I do have some red lines about my sclera (always have though, likely due to lack of sleep).

I fear this yellowing might be related to a liver problem since my stool was, for the past two days when I checked, pale in color.

Despite that, I am not experiencing any pain nor is my urine darker.

Is my slightly yellow skin just a result of a B12 deficiency and my pale stool a random condition that will pass?
Does stool often change colors without cause for concern?
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Ever get you liver enzymes tested?

Have high biliruban?

Gilberts syndrome?

these can all cuase juandace.

dont guess
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First of all, you should not forget to take your B12 supplements at all, as a deficiency of this valuable vitamin is really dangerous for you. B12 deficiency causes dementia, which could be a reason that you forget the medications. So you must be careful about completing the course as per your doctor's prescription.

Secondly, two main reasons of pale stool are gallstones and hepatitis. So you shouldn't ignore these symptoms at all. Thanks.
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