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Is this Vitamin Deficiency

Lately, I've been getting muscle twitches (more constant on my legs and they go away when I'm walking, running or doing something but when I'm at rest, it gets more prominent.)

Before that, I was getting bruises and the doctor told me I may be vitamin deficient. Blood test results said that I had no serious sickness such as leukemia, etc. She prescribed me with vitamin supplements.

A few weeks later, the twitching is still there. I could feel a bit of burning sensations all over my body, I get dizzy easily, sometimes lightheaded and I feel tired at some times. I become more irritable also. I went back to my doctor and they ran another blood test for me and my Calcium and Potassium levels are normal. She said it might be because of the weather (It's really hot here right now then sometimes it will rain unexpectedly.) or because I always use my laptop and take a bath with less than 8 hours of sleep. She gave me more vitamin supplements.

I don't really drink a lot of water, stopped doing my exercises (but I have been losing weight, I'm not even going on diets anymore), I don't eat fruits, vegetables and I don't drink milk. I'm less than 10 pounds overweight. Could that be the reason?

Am I really vitamin deficient? And can you give me some tips? Especially to stop this twitching and pain?
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My clothes don't stain and they don't *DRIP from my face.
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Additional Info: I have also been sweating more than before. It's not due to the weather. Living in a tropical country, I'm used to the heat. Before, when I sweat it's not that much. My clothes don't stain and they don't drink from my face but now it stains my clothes and it drips from my face. I'm also always constipated lately. I thought I may have eaten something bad but it's not that.
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