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What are your stumbling bloacks?

What do you find hinders your progress, what is the hardest things for you to overcome in order to progress on your journey?
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I really struggle because I am very lmiited in food chocies because I just dont like, can't face a lot of healthy foods... that is why I never advise people on what to eat.... other than cutting down and cutting out fats and sugars and lowering carbs and watching proteins......but by being sensible I am still able to lose weight.
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My worst is that everyone at work is so generous... they keep bringing all these wonderful treats to share with everyone. Thankfully there are a few of us doing the "lifestyle change" and this trend has influenced the treats that get brought in, but still there are those who bring in chocolates, cookies, etc. So far I have stayed strong where the chocolates and cookies are concerned but its the other "healthier" treats I have a harder time with. Its especially difficult when its a birthday at work and its "bad luck" to not share in the celebrations. Ugh. Honestly, its hard enough to stay good at home never mind having to always be good at work too. :(
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I had to put other. For me it's all about the fact that I am so lazy. It not really lack of motivation. I am highly motivated & I have plenty of support, but I can be lazy! I am not as lazy when I have a job. In fact I have been looking for work, so hopefully that will solve some of my laziness.

I asked my husband. He said his is video games, so basically being lazy like me. Two peas in a pod. Other than that he is doesn't like most healthy food options.
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I think I would burst if I had to take on "work" and deal with all the goodies. It has to be torture. They would hate me. I would try to be the biggest "no thank you" person in the office just so they would leave me alone. I feel for you. You can do it!
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Mine is due to health issues.  I have lupus and fibromyalgia so with the chronic pain I find it difficult to do enough exercise to make the weight go down.  On top of  that I am hypothyroid so even with cutting back on food it isn't budging for me right now.  Yesterday was a bad pain day and I didn't even track my food.  I was so tired as have not been sleeping well lately and headed to bed quite early.  Wouldn't you know I lost a pound!  For me, I really think sleep is key and with the fibro sleep issues go hand in hand.  I need to work at finding more sleep and might even look into going for a sleep study or might need to adjust my meds to improve it.
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Yeah I know for sure that sleep is a big thing with weight loss... you need to be n bed resting if not asleep for 8 hours -  I am an insomniac so it is more rest than sleep and I had to train myself to get it.

My mum has fybromialga and the pain hits with no warning and a normal attack is 5-8 days severe then 3-5 days going down again.... not nice at all...

Don't know much about Lupus Im afraid -  you sure have the odds stacked against you but I know you can do it :) xx
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I voted "other" and while the details differ, the jist of what TrudieC states covers my case as well.

My health is slowly improving.  In time, I may achieve a near full recovery, which makes me a lucky duck.  But at this stage, I still get flares.  And when I'm not in a flare, there is so much pressure to catch up and compensate for the productivity lost during the flare.

I know intellectually what I need to lose weight.  But I admit that my chronic illness really complicates the situation for me.  When I'm too sick to even be comfortable in my own skin, to enjoy my hobbies, or engage in my work, I let my guard down about eating right and exercising.  Food becomes one of the few things I can do and like.

I keep hoping to both improve my coping skills and to improve enough to get beyond this point.  For now, while my weight is never far from my mind, it is not an issue I can tackle.  I feel ashamed about that, but I try to stay positive about moving in the right direction in the future.

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I have to add one more thing: getting sick. I was doing pretty good with the exercise before I got sick, but a week of a head cold has left me very wimpy. I just bought a workout video that's supposed to tone the whole body. I've had it for three days now & it hasn't touched my dvd player. I stretched out twice this week & it felt good, but left me really sore. So I have been using the tired & still not feeling my best as an excuse to not do anything strenuous.
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Ahh yeah illness can knock you sideways and thing is listen to your body cause excerising when you have a fever isnt good....
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