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Panic Attacks

I suffer with from panic attacks, I wake up very early in the morning feeling dread and what will this day hold for me.
I am not an optimistic but a pessimist. If I dare have a thought that today may be good, I shoot myself down by saying "Do not think everything is going to be alright". I am a defeatest. I and my husband are unemployed and cannot find a job. So every day is a financial and peronsal challenge to us both.
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I know EXACTLY what your going through. When I was having panics attacks every single day, it was unclear to me why i always freaked out and could not get a grip of the situation i was in. But since then I have my panic attacks under wrap and have not had one in over a year. I realized that my mind was always, and i mean ALWAYS, racing with all kind of thoughts and worries. I would even think of things to do in the future and worry myself with creating plans of sorts. The only way i got everything under control was to free myself of any bonds i created. Bonds like I'm worthless, I'm messed up, I'm a screw-up. I thought these things because I could not get a grip of everything around me and had not learned to be care-free about most things. I saw everyone else leading normal lives and felt like a freak. I then started setting positive standards for myself and told myself everyday what the good things about me were and how i could improve my life as well as others by just smiling at a passing person, or lending a few pennies to someone who was short in change at the checkout. I brought positivness in my life and it helped. I also meditated about 10 min a day and allowed extra time for myself to be free of any noise and just relax. I still have anxiety but its managed and I am happy. Hope this helps.
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You need to learn how to control your thoughts.. thats the key. I know it's hard.. I'm going through these issues again, but I know that if I control my thoughts then it gets better. You need to find something in your life that makes you happy and dwell on that. I know that this seems hard but you need to realize that Panic attacks can't hurt you.. but they can make you hurt yourself. I have felt so many times the way you feel, I know that it's so hard when you dread waking up to another day of misery. You have to just say, well Panic attacks.. bring on what you got ..I'm ready for it.. and you wont believe the difference of your outcome.. Start telling yourself you're going to be better today.. Start telling yourself that you are going to be positive. Focus on the good things that you have done in your life.. be thankful for things.. I know it's hard but it's a start of you changing the way you think..
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Is there anything you can do to calm yourself down?
Do you take any kind of medications?
The thing to do is, and I know this is hard, to focus on the positive, no matter how small the positive thing may be.
The more you dwell on bad things, or assume something bad is going to happen, then you might think you are right when something does happen.
But try and step back from the situation, in your mind, and ask yourself if it is really worth it to worry so much and panic about something that you may not have control over?
I know times are tough for a job these days, I have my worries about things like that all the time.
It's because things seem to be uncertain, and if we assume something bad is going to happen then we think we know what to expect, and then things become a little less uncertain to us.
But that is an illusion.
Try to remember all the bad things you thought were going to happen, and then think about how many of those things actually happened.
I bet many of the bad things you thought were going to come true, did not.
Also, try to be thankful for the things you do have right now, rather than fearing to lose everything.
I know the feelings you are talking about and it's hard to just shrug them off, but that's what you have to do.
Talk with you husband about your worries and try to come up with a goal or a plan together.
I don't know what else to say, but I hope things start to turn out better for you both very soon.
The whole world economy is in the gutter right now, and that isn't you fault, right?
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