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hole on my breast

Hello Everybody,

I am so happy I found this forum. In November  at the time my period started I noticed my left breast was very sore, and I noticed what felt like a golf size ball in my breast. I had never had any sore breast or cramps associated with my period. I thought it was weird but at the same time thought it was due to my period..i decided to wait until my period was over. Well the pain and lump went away with my period, so I sort of just shoved it to the back of my mind, until December came around and the same thing happened. Again I decided to wait until my period was over, well this time the lump and the pain did not go away. I went to the Doctor and she said I had mastitis. This was about a month ago now. I took antibiotics, which i dont really think helped at all. And about a week and a half ago, it popped and pus came out.Well it dried up and now i have been noticing a hold on my breast about the size of a sharpie pen felt tip..and it drains clear liquid. My concern is if this is normal?..Will the hole close on its own?..Thank you in advance for any answers =)
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Hi, sorry to hear what you're going through.  If you indeed have what we have, yes it will close when it's ready.  Let it drain as long as it wants to, don't try to speed it up.  I had holes stay open and draining for months.  Did you have a biopsy to confirm GM?
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Thank you so for the answers, I am still waiting on my ultrasound appt..so far I have not had a biopsy, but from what I am reading in this forum has matched what I am feeling and going through. It just scared me that now I had this hole on my breast..that seems to be getting bigger with everyday that passes. It really gives me comfort in knowing, that I can come to this forum and speak with ppl who are going through this disease. Once again thank you so much!!
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I hope they'll be able to determine what's causing your mastitis.  Your doctor will likely do a biopsy to find out what is causing it.  But in the meantime,  I would recommend you go to your breast specialist to drain the liquid (pus) from your abscess (you refer to it as the hole) and don't be surprised if another one forms.  
A lot of women in this forum have done different things to manage their mastitis.  In my case, I had the IGM (cause of mastitis is unknown) and I decided not to go for the medicines my doctors recommended because I was afraid of their side effects.  Only meds I drank after the initial antibiotics was Advil/Tylenol for the pain when I needed it.  What I did was, I allowed my body to heal itself.  I changed my diet by eating more immune boosting food such as berries, fruits, veggies, green tea and lessening on processed food.  On top of that I added some exercise and made sure stress is at bay.   It took a couple of weeks before my abscesses went away and my lump (half the size of my breast)  slowly disappeared.  

I hope my story would help you and also you need to be patient with this disease. Good luck and God bless.


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