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My Life Since Then (updates)

Hey going to finally write an update on whats happened in my life. This will be in many parts. The last time I posted about this was back in Febuary 2010. So a lot has happened since then. This is updated from a post I wrote called the end of my life/the begining of theirs.

So the first thing that happened is I did actually get disability. Which at first I was really glad for because I cant work and needed the money. It wasnt my ideal life unfortantly but things didnt work out. I would have rather been able to work but I just couldnt. Anyway so at first it was ok because they did let my Mom be payee over it. I told them that I wanted her to be my payee not my aunt. I made sure they knew that. So it was ok.

Then my aunt decided to stick her nose into it. She called the disability office and said who knows what to them and was able to get mom removed as my payee. But I know she had to be lying because mom was capable of being a payee. So then I soon found out that from now on my aunt was my payee. I was furious because I didnt trust her and I didnt care for her and I felt completely ignored by the disability people. I told them I didnt want her to be my payee.

Will continue this..
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So Mom and I went to the disability office because they took it away without telling us why. When we got there it didnt go well. They just said that they felt my aunt was a better choice. But didnt tell us why the removed mom as payee. But we did know about the phone call. So my aunt said something. And because of it my mom lost it. And I couldnt believe how dismissed I was.

I began to wonder if people thought I was incompitent because everything I said and felt never seemed to matter to anyone. Not the court or anything. Also no one told me why I was getting it. I figured it was because Im bipolar. A different aunt told me that it was easy to get it for that reason. But still I wonder if it has to do with an IQ test I took. I felt like I did bad and felt stupid after I took it and during it. I just dont remember everything like I should. I guess because of my depression.

After I found out I lost it. Thats when I think I broke down. And when I disapeared for a really really long time off the online world. It was just to much for me.

Since then my aunt still has payee. And Ive still been miserable. In fact I think Im feeling even more defeated since all this. And I just cant seem to get out of it.

Will continue more later.
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Ok Im continueing now. So I guess what she took from me wasnt enough. My aunt I mean. Even though she had what she wanted. Guess it wasnt enough for her. So since then more things was she had guardianship over my house. But the new news was she went and had her name put on my house as well. And I didnt know it happened til Mom had checked to see if there was a lein on the property cuz expected she might have took out a loan on it. So my aunt did this without my permission.

Then later she was having issues and had it put in my grandmas name. This time its only in grandmas name. Its not even in my name at all anymore. They both stole my house from me. They say that morally its mine still. But that doesnt mean anything to a court.

So legally Im paying property taxes and home owners insurance on a house thats not even in my name anymore. This is bull. I cant believe she can just do this to me. So thats what has happened since.

A bit more to go...
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So the last of the news is last June Mom decided to throw me and my aunt a surprise party. After that we began to talk and I gave her the chance to see if hey maybe it was just misunderstandings like the cold emails she would send. I wasnt over the past all the other stuff she did with the house and taking the payee status away from mom like that. But decided to give her another chance. The last time I gave her a chance was in 2010 and it ended in at first her suddenly not being there for me, keeping me out in the dark of family stuff. And then her being cold and mean towards me saying she would give it to the state if I didnt do what she said.

So I gave her a chance even though I still have a lot of anger about the past. But I noticed a pattern. Shes there when she gets something out of it too. Otherwise she isnt helpful. And now its back to she doesnt invite me out, doesnt tell me anything.

I found out her daughter is moving. Probably moved away by now. But neither her or my cousin told me. I found out from someone else outside the family. And today I found out that they had celerbrated thanksgiving early so they could while she was here. But Mom and I didnt get invited. So Im done. Thats my update so far.
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