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Vitamin D deficiency

Hi, I one day out of no where (2 weeks ago) started  feeling shortness of breath and having to yawn so much to get a full relief of fresh air. I started to get anxious and going into panic attacks because I couldn't feel a full relief of fresh air. This anxiety has led to mild depression. Doctor told me all my symptoms came from "anxiety" and "stress"!!!!!! I was not happy with my diagnosis. I was very happy, I still am despite of fighting what I'm feeling mentally and emotionally. I know I am so blessed and have a very blessed life with my husband and our daughters. Life and the people around me are amazing. I shouldn't be stressing or feeling this way. Yet I can't help it but feel this way, I just can't help it. I know I'm not a miserable person and I'm trying so hard to fight this nightmare of anxiety and slight depression. I finally researched symptoms and looked for hours and days, I then requested to get vitamin d testing levels. It came back I was insufficient at level 23 ng/ml. I'm wondering if a level 23 ng/ml can cause all of this!!!!! Only because I don't think 23 is that low??! There is just no other explanation I can think of. I got lungs, heart, blood pressure, blood clots, scans, x-rays, and all other blood work … everything came back good range except for vitamin d being low! I guess I want to hear that with a level at 23 this is possible. I'm desperate for help and advice. Reading others stories does make me feel better knowing there is a light at the end of this horrific tunnel, a solution, and that I'm not the only one going through this. :( Thank you all so much. God bless.
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Are you feeling any better???  
I have been the same... mine started in Nov/15 and gradually got worse.. they thought is was everything from stress to ear infection... In March I had blood work done and my D was at 13... I've been on a high dose of vitamin D for a month, it's slowly coming along.... this week has been horrible for anxiety and panic attack, and vertigo.. seems like they are a packaged deal lately...I have been doing a lot of reading on blog from others who are low.. it seems to be the norm to have ups and downs...today isn't a good day.. been borderline panic attack today.. all I want to do is crawl into a corner and sleep....
Only take D3 and take it daily.

D doesn't stay in the body so if you take it weekly your body will be on a roller coaster of ups and downs.

You need magnesium to balance the calcium that will be better utilized. It will also help with the anxiety.

Most people are also deficient in magnesium as well as D. Being low in B12 is not uncommon either.

It took at least 2 months to start to see improvements
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