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late and having clear discharge

I don't know what to think I had brown discharge on Oct 22, 2011 for 3 days and a week after I had clear watery discharge and no period. I was to start my Period on Oct 27, 2011. So has this happened to anyone before and what was it?
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It happened to me but only in the beginning of september and didn't get my period till halloween night long behold my hormones were out of whack and it went from very low to extremely high and now I gotta be on depoveria shots its due from stress and the anxiety of ttc
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have you taken a preg test? if not, you should...
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Hi, I had brown discharge Wed 2nd Nov and watery discharge for the follwoing few days. I am due to start my period Tues/Wed next week. never had the discharge before my period before sp part of me is hoping I am pregnant but I'm to scared to test till at least the end of next week.
My thoughts are with you,maybe you should take a test

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Yes, I took a PT and it was a BFN like I knew it would be. But I still have no period and just waiting for it to show up.... I am so not patient and my husbands swears that I am preggo. Well c I guess
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