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I had gotten in a pretty serious car accident about two (maybe 3?) years ago. And in my kne...
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by RazzleDazzle20, Jul 18, 2010
Lots of muscle cramping lately-unsure why-It's around the abdomen, low back but mostly ...
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by Bob641, Oct 18, 2008
Day 1 at 9.50mg of Xanax, divided in 4 doses.I feel somewhat better, the muscle cramps are ...
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by Bob641, Oct 16, 2008 - 2 Comments
Today I had a terrible day, the muscle cramps are all over my upper body and in my neck and...
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by Bob641, Oct 15, 2008
First day at 9.75mg of Xanax. The muscle cramps are still hurting me, no matter that went b...
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by Bob641, Oct 14, 2008
Well I decided , along with my doctor recommendation, to start weaning off the Xanax again....
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by fredlim, Jan 14, 2008
How do I get rid of them?