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Journals about shopping

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It has a network of more than 300 warehouses. The total warehouse under management is more ...
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Yesterday I slept for 24hrs! That never happens unless I'm getting sick or fighting so...
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by tahjahani, Sep 03, 2012
I have fallen off my workout and diet this weekend. I ordered out 3 days in a row because I...
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by vdp, Jun 17, 2012
Woke up still feeling shattered. Took dog to vets, better than expected. Then shopping with...
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by i4gv777, Apr 27, 2012
After work I just went shopping from store to store till my husband got off work, then I pi...
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by amb3rl3igh, Dec 04, 2011
Yesterday, Saturday, December 3, 2011, was a small breakthrough day for me. November was p...
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by Alonecryin, Nov 29, 2011
Got out of the house today with son, We went to meet my sister in Kilgore. then we ate lu...
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by Alonecryin, Nov 24, 2011
black Friday, went to try and shop at Walmart at 10 pm after thanksgiving. I felt manic ...
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by Alonecryin, Nov 22, 2011
the change in the weather, wet and cool.' has really made me feel achy all over, Sev...
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by Alonecryin, Nov 19, 2011
have really have excessive mood swings. Manic also- shopping and spending