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Journals about asleep

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by ginjninj, Dec 20, 2011
Last night was the first I've slept without melatonin since I started. I was still able...
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by Inou, Nov 14, 2011
fell asleep studying for assignment
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by ginjninj, Nov 02, 2011
Went to bed out of boredom and managed to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. This is to...
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by booda39, Sep 13, 2011
Tonight I fell asleep watching Sprout with the baby. It was an easy drift and I woke up du...
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I was reading a book and I stayed up till 12:45 or so in the morning reading it and then I ...
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Well I had a bad dream. I couldn't tell you the details, I just know I woke up exaspera...
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by Alkhemist, Dec 03, 2009
Not so bad last night, even though 10:30pm was the earliest I could fall asleep. Only one ...
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by BradyAm, Nov 06, 2009
tossed and turned all night. played with baby a bit. she was replying to my tapping lol.. t...
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by Lizz90, Jul 14, 2009
I actually proper slept. I woke up early as usual but then crawled back into bed (as usual)...
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by briblunders, Apr 22, 2009
I've been having trouble sleeping at night lately, i don't fall asleep until like f...