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Journals about hoping

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by lacylsmama07, Jun 05, 2011
i started spotting today and i was really disappointed about it. im hoping its jus from imp...
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by jenkaye21, Apr 22, 2011 - 1 Comment
not sure becuase i'm getting sick (thinking sinus infection, now, instead of strep) and...
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by karenlovesbabyKC, Feb 09, 2011 - 1 Comment
So finally i got my ovulation 2 days ago. Hoping to be pregnant this cycle! So happy! =)
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by slapshot173, Aug 24, 2010
MRI scheduled for tomorrow mornig, hoping to get relief of pain soon after 2.5 years.
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been having the back pain so I went to urologist today.ordered a scan,sweet guy I told him ...
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by kalybsmummy, May 08, 2010
Hoping I'm pregnant, my man and I had sex 3 days before I ovulated, so there is a chanc...
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by mandalynn1983, Aug 13, 2009
So i thought i might have felt you move today...but i wasnt sure. i got really excited and...
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by mynx45, Jul 09, 2009 - 2 Comments
I am enjoying my life but theres always that little voice in my head saying that I won'...
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Doc says I have tyhpoid. :( no harm to the baby but still worried.
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I had the second ultrasound done on Monday, June 15th. The ultrasound tech told me there st...