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Journals about yesterday

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Quietly and better than yesterday
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by Morphman, May 22, 2012
Yesterday and this morning my blood sugars have skyrocketed above their targets. I think it...
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by melygirl3, Mar 01, 2012
I'm sore because snowflake took off, crow hopped and then reared a little. i stayed on ...
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but before I forget, I am rather upset with my uterus for shedding blood when I've so p...
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But only because it's now really short while the others are still long. It just looks r...
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I feel the same as better, no worse.
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So far, so good. Woke up feeling pretty good today. I just hope this good feeling last. Yes...
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by Krisiness, Mar 05, 2010
Today I got up late but made the bus and away I went. Waffles. I finally got the real recip...
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For the eleventh and the twelveth. I meant it to be on the twelveth but just clicked the fi...
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by janesweet, Nov 03, 2009
Not bad on day 1. Tok enough yesterday and last night to be ok