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Just a quick note to say hi!
Well done...keep up the good work!
Congratulations! Time for a celebration...
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Just a quick note to say hi! I have been reading some of your posts and i am impressed with what you have to say. im eleven months clen off subs. been an addict twenty years. i am still finding my way on the site and would like to ask a question about my addiction tracker, but dont want to post it.
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Hi gnarly..  i an only very  new to this site and the web..  i would like to meet people who are going throw and have gone throw opiate withdrawals,i have been on methadone for the best part of 15 years and now im on fentanyl patches 25mgh every 2 days,for the last 22 month.
I am desperate to get of fentanyl.
Yah like i said i am just looking for some people i can sometimes get some support and also would be happy to give back..  dave.  
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Well done...keep up the good work!

249 days? That's awesome :)
Thanks for being there to support me right at the get go.. I'm looking forward to standing in your shoes in another 249 days :)
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Well done...keep up the good work!......200 days is incredible! Your right .... Just as Dori would say to Nemo..."just keep swimming"  : ) congradulations to killing that demon.
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